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When will Central Banks stop doing this bubble strategy with Monetary Policy, it ends the same way every Bubble Monetary Cycle, in a Financial Market Crisis and Economic Crash. James Bullard`s dovish comments today inspired more bubble building, Central Bankers are so irresponsible and asleep at the wheel.

Political Worries Keep Europe On Edge As Earnings Push Stocks Higher; US Futures Unchanged

In a mostly quiet Wednesday session, Asian stocks rose overnight along with European bourses, which were led higher by miners after Rio Tinto posted higher profits for the first time in three years and a bigger-than-expected dividend, while India’s Sensex extended declines after the central bank unexpectedly left rates unchanged. US futures were little changed as oil continued to fall after API reported a huge inventory build

Dollar Slide Accelerates After Fed Fails To Boost Confidence, Pressures US Futures

European shares and S&P futures fell amid mixed earnings from corporate heavyweights, while Asian stocks were fractionally higher. The dollar slump continued against all its major peers after the Federal Reserve gave dollar bulls little to be optimistic about.  The U.S. currency dropped toward the lowest close since November after the Fed reiterated its intention on Wednesday to lift rates only gradually.

RBC: "It Is Crazy What Is Going On 'Under The Hood' When On The Surface It’s So Optically Calm"

"For over the last month watching our portfolio grind higher it feels like 10- to 20- some bps on the majority of days, which seems kinda sleepy... but when I look at the individual names I am seeing HUGE moves daily.  Both books at times are riddled with many stocks seeing 2 and 3 standard deviation is CRAZY what is going on “under the hood,” when on the index level, it’s so optically calm."

RBC: "The Top Question We Are Getting Is What Is Driving This Move"

"The #1 inquiry yesterday far-and-away was “what is driving this move?!” with S&P ripping to all-time highs and fixed-income getting hammered. My simple take: the market was finally seeing the Trump which they’d been hoping for over the past few months.  The administration made Tuesday a day of “pro-growth” policy and “deregulatory” action, with the scissors out for bureaucratic "red tape."