Global Stocks Slide As Iron Ore Crashes; Pound Jumps After UK Calls Snap Elections

European stocks slide  s traders return from a 4-day Easter holidays, Asian equities likewise drop pressured by the ongoing rout in iron ore, while U.S. stock-index futures point to a lower open. British markets were roiled after U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said she would seek an early election on June 8. The FTSE 100 droped 1.3%, on the news, hitting the lowest since Feb. 24

The Profound Implications Of 5 Increasingly Dominant Tech Companies

The concentration of value being created in tech, is increasingly being created by the five largest companies, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon (aka FAMGA). This concentration in just five hands will have an increasingly profound impact on innovation and wealth concentration in the U.S..

Fading "The Beast"

"So far the S&P has made an all-time high at the beginning of March. Yesterday Nasdaq made a new high almost a month later. The last time we saw an S&P peak followed by a Nasdaq peak almost a month later? 2007."

Trump Admin Cracks Down On Visas For Coders

As Nasdaq reaches ever record-er, record highs, it seems the ability to create a "Hello World" app is no longer enough to warrant an H1-B visa according to new guidelines from the Trump administration.

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Gold up 8%, silver up 14%, palladium up 17.7% and platinum up 5.2% In Q1 (Must see charts and tables). Silver best performing currency in quarter. Five best performing currencies in Q1 are in order – silver, bitcoin, Mexican peso, Russian ruble and gold