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The Onion Revealed As Mystery Source Of Larry Summers' And Paul Krugman's Economic Insight

"Every American family deserves a false sense of security," said Chris Reppto, a risk analyst for Citigroup in New York. "Once we have a bubble to provide a fragile foundation, we can begin building pyramid scheme on top of pyramid scheme, and before we know it, the financial situation will return to normal." Despite the overwhelming support for a new bubble among investors, some in Washington are critical of the idea, calling continued reliance on bubble-based economics a mistake. Regardless of the outcome of this week's congressional hearings, however, one thing will remain certain: The calls for a new bubble are only going to get louder. "America needs another bubble," said Chicago investor Bob Taiken. "At this point, bubbles are the only thing keeping us afloat."

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The QEeen Sends Stocks Soaring To Moar New Highs; Bonds & Bullion Bid

Despite a 10% collapse in CSCO (which apparently is not a bellwhether anymore at all) - notching a mere 18 points off the Dow, Yellen's confirmation of everything we thought we knew (and bad macro data) was enough to send the S&P and Dow to new all-time highs. Treasuries rallied 2bps (5-8bps on the week) and gold lifted back to unchanged on the week. VIX limped lower. On the day, the USD closed higher (thanks to JPY weakness supporting stocks) but was lower from early highs. Credit markets rallied very modestly but remain hugely divergent in this supposed QEeen-fueled surge. And on it goes...

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Weak Reception For Latest Batch Of $16 Billion In 30 Year Paper

If yesterday's 10 Year auction was a success, today's $16 billion issue of 30 Year paper was poorly received by the market, with the 3.810% yield tailing the 3.796% When Issued, accentuated by a tumble in the Bid To Cover from 2.64 to 2.16, the third lowest in the past 4 years, excluding just the auctions from August of 2011 and 2013 when there was led indicated demand. The internals were less remarkable, with Directs taking down a stronger than average 18.3%, Indirects holding 35.3% of the auction and Dealers left with 46.5% of the auction. Overall, hardly the ringing endorsement in the long-end the Treasury needs.

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Guest Post: Too Much Bubble Talk?

Discussion of a market bubble (in stocks, credit, bonds, Farm-land, residential real estate, or art) have dominated headlines in recent weeks. However, QEeen Yellen gave us the all-clear this morning that there was "no bubble." Are we currently witnessing a market bubble? It is very possible; however, as STA's Lance Roberts notes, if we are, it will be the first market bubble in history to be seen in advance (despite Bullard's comments in opposition to that "fact"). From a contrarian investment view point, there is simply "too much bubble talk" currently which means that there is likely more irrational excess to come. The lack of "economic success" will likely mean that the Fed remains engaged in its ongoing QE programs for much longer than currently expected - and perhaps Hussman's pre-crash bubble anatomy is dead on...

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Highest Conviction Hedge Fund Exposure By Asset Class

Curious where the "hedge fund hotel" is currently located, for both most loved and hated asset classes? The following table shows both the penthouse and the basement of the most recent groupthink, which not surprisingly, indicates that hedge funds, which have simply become highly-levered momentum and beta chasers, are most bullish on the Nasdaq, and offsetting this, are most bearish on 10 Year notes. Of course, since the bulk of the very highly levered marginal cash (for those who haven't seen it, Balyasny's leverage chart is a stunning eye opener) is already deployed, all that remains now is the profit-taking, and as such anyone who wishes to take advantage of the inevitable and recurring hedge fund hotel collapse would be advised to put on a short Nasdaq, long 10Y pair on and await the unraveling.

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Stocks In Furious Melt Up To Fresh Records

Treasuries rallied 4-6bps on the day (with the POMO-driven belly outperforming). The USD dumped back its knee-jerk gains on Europeans trying desparately to talk down the EUR early on. High yield credit banged higher into the close. VIX was man-handled back under 12.5% (despite being bid early). Oh - and every US equity market malted up in an insane intrday swing which seems to be pinned on the back of expctations Yellen will open her shirt tomorrow showing a big red "S" on it. So while every flow-driven market banged higher in a mad scramble of un-tapery goodnesss, gold went sideways and silver was monkey-hammered (-4.5% on the week). The last 3 days have seen "most shorted" names double the market's performance. Nasdaq's swing from low to high is the largest positive intraday move for the index in 5 months!


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Commodities Clubbed, Stocks Mixed On "Good-Cop-Bad-Cop" Fed Speak

The Nasdaq and Trannies closed green, Dow and S&P red (the latter pinned to VWAP thanks to some late-day JPY ignition dragging it off the lows). Volume was 'average and into the close VIX was bid as stocks clung to VWAP. Treasury yields limped higher from yesterday's small rise (30Y +1bps on the week, 5Y +4bps). The USD index would suggest a quiet day (practically unch of the week) but dispersion with EUR strength and AUD and JPY weakness was notable. Credit markets continued to slide notably. The biggest moves of the day were in commodity land with silver -3.5% on the week and gold and oil pinned to each other (petrogold?) -1.5% on the week, and copper -1% on the week. Today was all about POMO (as usual) and dueling Fed speak (Lockhart talked us down and Kocherlakota saved the day).

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Ranking Bernanke

With Ben Bernanke's tenure closing, many financial TV pundits delight in touting the stellar performance of Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman with just a couple months left in his term. Before the re-writers of history begin spinning performance, we thought why not compare Mr. Bernanke against all the other Federal Reserve Chairman to determine which Chairman deserves recognition. Bernanke's overall score across all factors was the lowest (let the spin begin counterfactualists). The data suggests that Mr. Bernanke ranks last in performance between the two mandates since 1948. Quite an accomplishment considering what events transpired during the last 60+ years; Korea & Vietnam, Oil Shock, high interest rates, etc...

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Busted! HFT Algo Goes Wild in Nasdaq Futures Moments Before Job Number Hits

In the minute preceding last week's highly anticipated payrolls report, Nanex exposes the appearance of a High Frequency Trading (HFT) algo in both the December 2013 Nasdaq (NQ) Futures and the QQQs (an ETF). When it was active, it caused prices to gyrate wildly over a few seconds of time. This is the brief period that also saw Treasury Futures halted (and gold prices jumping) and looking closer at the charts, it appears this HFT algo caused wild price oscillations in the futures in a way that enable it to establish a short position in QQQs. We are sure the regulatory world is already on this blatant manipulation (or simple front-running on information received)...


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Once Again, Retail Investors Are Piling Into a Bubble Near the Top


This is the single largest allocation of investor capital to stock based mutual funds since 2000: at the height of the Tech bubble. That year, investors put $324 billion into stocks. We might actually match that inflow this year as we still have two months left in 2013.


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Obama: "I Am Sorry" Americans Will Lose Their Existing Health Plan Because Of Obamacare

Remember all those YouTube clips (the same medium used to nearly justify World War III) that caught the president lying again and again with promises and assurances everyone would be able to keep their existing insurance plan under Obamacare even though he knew full they wouldn't, until a week ago, thanks to what is left of the non-brownnosing media, as much was revealed to the general public? Well, it's time to come clean, and once again via clip. Moments ago, in an interview with NBC, the charming and very photogenic president said he was "sorry."

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Marc Faber Warns "Karl Marx Was Right"

Readers should consider carefully the fundamental difference between a “real economy” and a “financial economy.” In a real economy, the debt and equity markets as a percentage of GDP are small and are principally designed to channel savings into investments. In a financial economy or “monetary-driven economy,” the capital market is far larger than GDP and channels savings not only into investments, but also continuously into colossal speculative bubbles. It would seem to me that Karl Marx might prove to have been right in his contention that crises become more and more destructive as the capitalistic system matures (and as the “financial economy” referred to earlier grows like a cancer) and that the ultimate breakdown will occur in a final crisis that will be so disastrous as to set fire to the framework of our capitalistic society.

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S&P Futures Plunge Most In Over 4 Months Intraday

While attention was focused on the #winning (TWTR) and #failing (NASDAQ and TSLA and so on)... the fact is that the S&P 500 futures market saw its largest collapse from high to low intraday since June 24th. While the told-you-so dance seems so inappropriate, equity markets' dump - seemingly triggered by more than one levered JPY carry trader getting a tap on the shoulder after Draghi's surprise - merely catches down to credit market's lack of exberance for the last 2 weeks (though there is still more room to drop). Stocks are at 12-day lows by the close with very litle BFTATH'ers stepping in as VIX broke back above 14.00% (highest close in over 3 weeks). FX markets were insanely volatile with early USD strength obliterated by JPY and EUR strength in the afternoon. Commodities slid lower on the day and bonds rallied - with 30Y outperformance unwinding some of the week's steepening. Stocks closed on their lows with the best volume in a month.

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Entire OTC Market Breaks As Finra Halts All Quotes And Trading

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) halted trading in all OTC Equity Securities pursuant to FINRA Rule 6440(a)(3). FINRA determined to impose a temporary halt because of a lack of current quotation information. Therefore, FINRA has determined that halting quoting and trading in all OTC Equity Securities is appropriate to protect investors and ensure a fair and orderly marketplace. The trading and quotation halt began on Thursday, November 7, 2013, at 11:25:00 a.m. E.T. FINRA will notify the market when trading may resume.

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Markets Are Going Crazy

There is no news as a catalyst here but bonds, FX, commodity, and stock markets are smashing around as Twitter break below its open price. JPY is rushing higher against the USD (as is EUR which has retraced Fib 61.8% of its losses from Draghi). Treasury yields are collapsing. Nasdaq and all the other US equity indices are dumping as momo names suffer the most.

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