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Amazon Drops 10% - Triggers SEC Short Sale Rule

Despite the best efforts of CNBC to have every bull on Amazon explain how great it really is and how they could enable to magical profit machine any minute if they so choose, the hedge fund hotel stock du jour is now down 10% and Bloomberg headlines blare:

*SEC Short Sale Rule 201 is in Effect : AMZN (NASDAQ)

Last night's algo-ramp to VWAP (on rising Prime prices?) is a long-distant memory now...

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Stocks Dead-Cat Bounce As Bullion And Bond Bulls Bail

UPDATE: The miss by GOOG and AMZN (accounting for 13% of Nasdaq market cap) is pushing indices lower after hours...

The S&P 500 And Russell bounced once again off post-December-Taper unchanged levels today but the Dow remains flat from 12/18 as the Nasdaq (led by exuberance in momo social media stocks as AAPL closed <$500) jumped the most in almost 4 months (though remains -1% on the year). The rally in stocks was simply remarkable for its tick-for-tick tracking of USDJPY and EM FX and the S&P was unable to make significant progress past its pre-Turkish-rate-hike levels. Treasuries sold off but remain 3-5bps lower in yield than when Turkey was "fixed". The USD rallied on EUR and JPY weakness (but was almost entirely dead once Europe closed). Precious metals were manhandled instantaneously lower at 8amET then spent the rest of the day trying to recover. Stocks did tumble into the close to recouple with USDJPY but bad news was great news it seems...(for now)

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Bruised And Battered Stocks Wave Bye Bye Ben

Asset-gatherers and talking-heads are in full panic mode. Stocks tumbled ince again today and there was very little "off the lows" talk. The "turmoil" panic in the hearts and minds of every Wall Street strategist palpable as the Fed failed to save us from another down day. Trannies, Russell, and the Dow are down around 5.5% from their highs; the S&P down around 4%; and the Nasdaq around 4.5% from its multi-year highs last week. Today's plunge of over 35 points the S&P futures from the "where are all the sellers, EM is fixed" post-Turkey highs at 1801 is a very sizable outside range day. Of course it was all about the ongoing unwind of levered JPY carry trades as 102 becomes crucial to any bounce in stocks. VIX rose 1.7 vols to 17.5%; credit spreads popped notably wider post FOMC; EM FX turmoiled considerably lower and while the USD was stable (there was plenty of puking in AUD and JPY). Treasury yields tumbled to fresh 10 week lows (10Y -8bps at 2.66% at the lows). Gold and silver rallied post-FOMC and recovered yesterday's monkey-hammering losses.

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Which Way Wednesday – FOMC Edition

If the Fed doesn't "save us" this afternoon - I don't know what will.  

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Marc Faber Warns "Insiders Are Selling Like Crazy... Short US Stocks, Buy Treasuries & Gold"

Beginning by disavowing Mario Gabelli of any belief that rising stock prices help 'most' people, Marc Faber discusses his increasingly imminent fears of the markets in this recent Barron's interview. Quoting Hussman as a caveat, "The problem with bubbles is that they force one to decide whether to look like an idiot before the peak, or an idiot after the peak. There's no calling the top," Faber warns there are a lot of questions about the quality of earnings but "statistics show that company insiders are selling their shares like crazy." His first recommendation - short the Russell 2000, buy 10-year US Treasuries ("there will be no magnificent US recovery"), and miners and adds "own physical gold because the old system will implode. Those who own paper assets are doomed."

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Dow Breaks Losing Streak As Bad-News Is Good-News Once Again

Despite AAPL's tumble (and Seagate), the NASDAQ ended the day green along with the rest of the major US indices as the Dow broke its 5-day losing streak. Stocks in general recovered from the pre-Taper levels but remain notably down on the year. Most of the day's gains occurred in the first hour of the day as "most shorted" names were ripped higher (+1.8% vs the market's +0.75% at 11ET) which helped the Trannies outperform. The USD oscillated once again but ended practically unchanged (on the day and week) as AUD strengthens and JPY weakens providing just enough support to hold stocks higher. The USD stability was entirely missing from commodities which cracked around teh durable goods data with oil surging and bullion bulls purging. Treasuries were mixed but practically unchanged (despite some notable volatility around the Dur Goods data) with very modest steepening. VIX dropped 1.6vols to 15.8% - its biggest drop in 6 weeks.

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Apple Beats Earnings But Misses On iPhone Sales, Guides Sales Lower: Stock Tumbles

So much for the only silver lining in Q4 and Nasdaq leadership from AAPL. Moments ago AAPL reported results which beats on the top and bottom-line, reportined revenues of $57.6 billion in line with the expected $57.5 billion, and EPS beating modestly at $14.50 vs Exp. $14.07 mostly thank to the retirement of 46 million diluted shares from a year ago. However the good news ended here, with the one thing the market was focusing on - iPhone sales - missing badly, as the company only sold 51 million iPhones in the quarter of the 5S release, compared to expectations of 54.7 million. Additionally, Apple also guided to lower revenues than the street had expected, and is now seeing $42-44 billion in the next quarter compared to consensus estimates of $46.1 billion and for all those calling for the demise of the US consumer - you may be right: AAPL Americas revenue declined by 1% from a year ago, when AAPL also had a new product launch. Is AAPL's largest market starting to say "meh"?

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The Trades That Broke The Nasdaq

During the first minute of trading on January 27, 2014 there were wild price swings in at least 11 stocks: symbols BKH, GEB, HAYN, UBSH, WSBC, FLIC, EFF, GABC, BBOX, SP and TPZ. We know this because about 90 minutes later, Nasdaq canceled trades in these symbols citing the clearly erroneous transaction rule 11890(b). However, as Nanex shows in its usual great (and imperceptible to the SEC) detail, these trades appear anything but erroneous... we can only imagine who the market-maker algo belonged to that the Nasdaq canceled all of these trades...Goldman?

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Dow Dumps For 5th Day In A Row But Bonds & Bullion Banged

Following the European close, US Treasuries sold off with yields rising 4-5bps  (though 2Y outperformed, rising only 1bp on the day) despite chaotic panic selling in the March T-Bills. Stocks dead-cat-bounced with the same timing - find the day's lows around the European close as the S&P and Russell lost all their gains from the Taper decision over a month ago. This is the first 5-day losing streak for the Dow since September. Once the indices had reached unchanged and removed some stops, the selling began as despite a lower close for VIX (after tagging 18% early in the day), stocks tumbled into the close. The USD ended the day unchanged, despite major swings in AUD, CAD (higher) and JPY lower. Commodities slipped lower all day with some 'normal' illiquid moves led by weakness in Gold and silver.

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Goldman Summarizes Today's Carnage

Well, they did predict this would happen, even if it was in direct contradiction with the numerator part of Goldman's top trade of 2014 which is being long the S&P500.

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Stocks Suffer Worst Week In 19 Months; Dow Gives Up All "Taper" Gains

The deer was back yesterday; but today "it's on..."

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Dow Transports Crash; All US Equity Indices Red For 2014

After escalating higher and higher in the last few days as the rest of the market slipped further into the red for 2014, the Dow Transports has collapsed 3.25% at this morning's open - its biggest drop in 9 months. This, along with the plunge in the NASDAQ and Russell has dragged every major US equity index into the red once again for 2014... The S&P 500 cash index is now the most below its 50-day moving average in almost 4 months. VIX has spiked to 15.4% - its highest since pre-Taper as JPY carry unwinds drag US equities lower once again... Credit markets have no retraced all post-Taper gains (and stocks are rapidly catching down).

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Snowed In? Not The Markets - Full Overnight Summary

New York City may be buried under more than a foot of snow, but global markets don't sleep, however judging by the color of futures this morning, today's respectable $2.25-$3.00 billion POMO will have a tough time digging US equities out of the red, following a tepid overnight session in which the traditional driver of futures levitation, the USDJPY, was flat as the BOJ disclosed unchanged policy despite some inexplicable hopes that Kuroda would increase QE as early as today.

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Stocks Mixed As Bond Yields Drop And VIX Pops

Stocks and bonds disconnected today (again) with Treasuries pressing to lower yields - 30Y down 1bp to 3.73%, rallying 3 to 5bps off mid-Europe-session high yields to new 10-week lows. Stocks and VIX disconnected today as VIX trading higher all day - even as stocks opened energetically higher. Stocks and credit disconnected today (again) as the afternoon pump in stocks back from European-close turmoiling lows was not seen in credit at all. Equity indices were very mixed today with the Dow underperforming (after its exuberant run Friday) and the NASDAQ the big winner thanks to AAPL. Retailers continue to diverge from the market. The USD closed marginally lower from Friday's close (with AUD and GBP strength the drivers) and commodities diverged with oil and copper higher and gold and silver lower (though well off their smackdown lows by the close) - with their worst day of the year.

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