Behind The IEX Crusade To Fix The Market, In Its Own Words

IEX's recent approval as a US stock exchange, against Nasdaq's and the rest of the industry's best efforts, has created a venue where fair trading takes place. As the following clip, in IEX-own words, expresses so clearly, it is hard enough already for main-street to understand and stay on top global developments. They should not need to struggle between choosing a Post No Preference Blind Limit Order or a Routed Peg Order.

Welcome To Planet Debt

Both of this year’s presumptive candidates are “low interest rate” people, all right. Their adult lives were marked by the credit cycle and their careers shaped by ballooning debt. And now, almost the entire world economy depends on low rates. We live on Planet Debt.

Frontrunning: June 30

  • Brexiters at war as Johnson pulls bid to be PM (FT)
  • Soros Says Brexit Has ‘Unleashed’ a Financial-Markets Crisis (BBG)
  • World stocks poised for worst month since January (Reuters)
  • China to tolerate weaker yuan, wary of trade partners' reaction (Reuters)
  • China central bank criticizes media for publishing 'inaccurate information' on yuan rate (Reuters)

Here Is Why Biotech Stocks Just Exploded Higher

On the back of extremely heavy volume, Biotech and Pharma stocks soared moments ago, following yesterday's surprising weakness. What was the catalyst? As it turns out, Medicare spending didn’t trigger initiation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board to slash costs, a relief for the beleaguered drug industry whose shares have slumped since the start of the year.


Now imagine what might happen next...