RBC: "The Top Question We Are Getting Is What Is Driving This Move"

"The #1 inquiry yesterday far-and-away was “what is driving this move?!” with S&P ripping to all-time highs and fixed-income getting hammered. My simple take: the market was finally seeing the Trump which they’d been hoping for over the past few months.  The administration made Tuesday a day of “pro-growth” policy and “deregulatory” action, with the scissors out for bureaucratic "red tape."

You're Buying, They're Selling: Big Bank Execs Dump $100 Million In Stock As Market Soared

Shortly after the melt-up in US bank stocks began following Trump's election victory, we noted heavy insider-selling (and options expiration) among Goldman Sachs executives. Well the selling never stopped, as WSJ reports executives at the biggest Wall Street banks have sold nearly $100 million worth of stock since the presidential election, more than in that same period in any year over the past decade.

Futures Rise On Friday 13th Ahead Of Deluge Of Bank Earnings; Dollar Continues To Decline

European shares rose as Fiat rebounded on hopes concerns about parallel to Volkswagen are overblown, Asian stocks were little as Chinese shares fell to the lowest level of 2017 after poor export data, and U.S. equity-index futures rose ahead of a deluge of bank earnings. The dollar is headed for a weekly loss and gold trades at the highest price in almost two months.