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As Hurricanes Slam The South, Shocking Images Show The Western US Is Literally On Fire

Amid the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the impending destruction of Hurricane Irma, many Americans may not be aware that the western region of the country is suffering the opposite wrath of mother nature. From southern California to Washington, wildfires are engulfing thousands of acres of land and prompting thousands of evacuations. Many of the states battling the wildfires have been doing so all summer.

Live Coverage: One Dead, Over 264,000 Without Power As Harvey Drenches Texas, Brings "Widespread Devastation"

Harvey made landfall just before midnight on Friday between Port Aransas and Port O'Connor as a monstrous Category 4 storm - the first of that level to strike the U.S. since Charley in 2004, and the strongest storm in more than 50 years to hit Texas.  By daybreak it had been downgraded to a Category 1 storm from a Category 4, according to the National Weather Service.

Watch Live: Trump Declares Disaster As Harvey Barrels Into Texas

Hurricane Harvey slammed into southwestern Texas Friday night as the storm's "eyewall" - the area where storm-related damage is typically the heaviest - battered communities along the coastline as the storm headed straight toward densely populated Corpus Christi