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Hacker Who Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server Said To Cooperate Fully With Ongoing Email Investigation

In the latest twist involving Hilllary Clinton's email saga, Romanian hacker Guccifer is now expected to plead guilty this week, clearing the way for his unfettered cooperation with federal prosecutors, suggesting that all of his heretofore unverified claims about hacking into Hillary's server will be duly investigated. If confirmed, this could open a new chapter in the FBI's criminal probe into Hillary's email use and/or abuse.

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Trump Goes For Hillary's Jugular: Releases Video Featuring Bill Clinton Rape Accusers

Donald Trump released a new video on Monday that uses audio of women who have accused President Clinton of sexual assault to attack Hillary Clinton. It plays the audio against a black-and-white backdrop of the White House and an image of Bill Clinton with a cigar in his mouth. It then pivots to audio of Hillary Clinton laughing.

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Inconvenient Truth-er Gore Refuses To Endorse 'Lying' Hillary

"It's been unusual," is the subtle jab that former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore took at the angst between Hillary and Bernie. As CNN reports, the inconvenient truth-seeker declined to endorse either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, decrying the tone of the 2016 campaign but alluding only to "signals" that he's received soliciting his support.

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Frontrunning: May 23

  • Global stocks see-saw, yields slip as investors get week off to cautious start (Reuters)
  • Bayer defies critics with $62 billion Monsanto offer (Reuters)
  • Iran has no plans to freeze oil exports, official says ahead of OPEC meeting (Reuters)
  • U.S. lifts arms ban on old foe Vietnam as regional tensions simmer (Reuters)
  • Anthem, Cigna Privately Bicker as They Seek Merger Approval (WSJ)
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Trump Victory Odds Soar As The Hillary Clinton 'Death Cross' Strikes

ABC, Fox News, and Rasmussen now have polls suggesting Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton nationally and for the first time during this campaign RealClearPolitics 'tracker' has Trump with a 0.2pt lead - the unofficial "death cross" of Clinton's campaign as Wayne Allyn Root right remarks "Hillary is sinking faster than the Titanic." Voters are putting their money where their polls are too as bookies odds of a Hillary victory in November are tumbling.

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Introducing The Gotthard Train Tunnel, The World's Longest & Deepest Train Tunnel

While the US has been focused on resolving LGBT rights issues and deciding whether or not the Confederate flag can fly in cemeteries, Switzerland has focused on something that's actually productive. After 17 years of work, and at a cost of $12 billion, Switzerland has engineered and constructed the world's longest and deepest railroad tunnel. At a depth of 7,500 feet, the 35 mile long GBT cuts underneath the Alps, and will remove natural barriers to trade and tourism, along with easing the burden of freight traffic on Switzerland's ecosystem.

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Egyptian Military Finds Debris, Personal Belongings From Crashed Airliner

The Egyptian military said it has found EgyptAir Flight MS804 debris 290 km north of the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria. Egyptian army spokesman Brg. Gen. Mohammed Samir said on his verified Facebook page Friday that his military's search planes and vessels had discovered parts of the Airbus A320 along with some passengers' belongings.The military is certain the debris comes from Flight MS804 Samir told NBC News by phone, adding that the wreckage will be brought back to Egypt for investigation.

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Trump Right Again: "Act Of Terrorism" Took Down EgyptAir Airplane

U.S. government officials are operating on an initial theory that EgyptAir Flight 804 was taken down by a bomb, two U.S. officials told CNN on Thursday. Officials said the theory could change, with one senior administration official cautioning it is not yet supported by a "smoking gun."

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Chinese Fighter Jets Fly Within 50 Feet Of US Spy Plane Near China

Two Chinese military aircraft intercepted a U.S. military reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea Tuesday. Defense Department spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza said that the U.S. maritime patrol reconnaissance aircraft was flying in a "routine patrol" in international airspace on May 17 when "two tactical aircraft from the People's Republic of China" intercepted the U.S. plane. The two Chinese fighter jets were J-11s and flew approximately 50 feet from the U.S. aircraft.

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Trump Gains Ground On Hillary As Democratic Infighting Takes Its Toll

While all Hillary wants to do (aside from staying out of jail) is rid herself of Bernie Sanders so the campaign can turn its attention to Trump, Sanders doesn't appear to be ready for any of that just yet. According to The Hill, Sanders released a statement Tuesday in response to criticism of his supporters' behavior in Nevada calling the charges "nonsense", adding that the party either needs to embrace "people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change, or choose to maintain its status quo structure and remain dependent on big-money campaign contributions."

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Frontrunning: May 18

  • Stocks sag as U.S. rate rise expectations revive (Reuters)
  • Clinton, Sanders hit final stretch of nominating contest (Reuters)
  • Bernie Sanders Wins in Oregon, But He Needed Kentucky, Too (NBC)
  • Clinton less than 100 delegates from nomination (The Hill)
  • Trump needs 66 delegates to officially clinch nomination (The Hill)
  • Japan GDP Rebound Not Enough to Stave Off Stimulus (WSJ)
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Trump Closing Gap On Clinton With Double-Digit Lead In Utah

Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump is the lowest in two months as a number of the most recent polls show trump neck-and-neck with the establishment's mouthpiece-of-choice. From a Clinton lead of over 11pts in March, Rasmussen recently reported Trump leading 2pts, Gravis showed him lagging by just 2pts in the last two weeks, and NBC reports Clinton's lead dropping from 5pts to just 3 pts in the last week alone. And, ironically given our earlier comments, Mitt Romney's 'safe space' Utah is now being dominated by Trump...

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