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Trump Tops Clinton As Cruz Crushes Crashing "Clueless" Carson

The latest poll following the attacks in Paris, by Fox News, shows Donald Trump moving ahead of Democrat-front-runner Hillary Clinton (in a head-to-head match up if the election were held today), but it is the turmoiling below the surface of the GOP nominations that is garnering most headlines. After a week or two of hope for GOP leadership, as Ben Carson appeared to catch up to Trump, the retired neurosurgon's lies and weakness on foreign policy ("he clearly has no idea what he's talking about," as one Iowa GOP insider noted), have sent his poll numbers reeling... and Cruz surging.

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All-Clear Given After Police Shut Down Washington D.C Bridge Due To 'Suspicious' Package

UPDATE: All-Clear given.

If fearmongery was the goal, it appears to have been achieved. Police have reportedly shut down the 14th Street bridge in Washington D.C. in both directions after a package reportedly fell from a truck.

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Frontrunning: November 16

  • Belgian Police 'Arrest' Public Enemy No.1 (Sky News)
  • France Widens Crackdown at Home as Bombs Rain on Islamic State (BBG)
  • Putin Goes From G-20 Pariah to Player at Obama Turkey Talk (BBG)
  • Paris Attacks: 150 Raids as France Goes to 'War With Terrorism' (NBC)
  • 'Rocket Launcher Found' In French Police Raids (Sky)
  • Geopolitical worries lift oil after Paris attacks, but glut weighs (Reuters)
  • Japan's economy falls back into recession again (BBC)
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Supreme Court Justice Slams Cops For "Shoot First, Think Later" Mentality

“By sanctioning a ‘shoot first, think later’ approach to policing, the Court renders protections of the Fourth Amendment hollow.”

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"It's Going To Take Years": US Air Force Calls For Ground Troops To "Occupy And Govern" Iraq, Syria

"It’s going to take years. Air power is extremely important. It can do a lot but it can't do everything. Ultimately it cannot occupy territory and very importantly it cannot govern territory." 

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Spot The Odd Poll Out

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Cop Arrested For Shooting Himself, Blaming It On Motorist

On the heels of yesterday's news that an Illinois cop staged his own suicide after being caught stealing money from a kid's fund, today's news is just pouring more fuel on the fire of public faith in America's police force. Late last month, an Arkansas police officer sparked a manhunt and investigation after claiming a motorist shot him during a traffic stop. In reality, the officer shot himself, and once authorities discovered this, he was subsequently fired and arrested for filing a false police report.

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US Officials: ISIS "Likely" Had Bomb On Russian Plane

Russia set to retailiate "heavily and militarily"...

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In "Ultimate Betrayal" After Massive Manhunt, Illinois Cop's Death A "Carefully Staged Suicide"

The Illinois cop, whose death sparked a massive manhunt in September, fatally shot himself in a "carefully staged suicide" after committing "extensive criminal acts," police said Wednesday according to NBC News. Initially hailed as a hero after his death, Fox Lake, Illinois, police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is now likely to be remembered by another label: a betrayer. As the local police commander told CNN, the officer placed his equipment at the scene in an "attempt to mislead first responders and investigators to believe this was a homicide," and far from being a hero, Gliniewicz "committed the ultimate betrayal" with his actions over the past several years which included stealing and laundering money from a program that mentored young people.

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US Ally Turkey Throws Journalists In Jail For "Attempting To Overthrow The Government"

Following farcical elections which saw President Tayyip Erdogan get the outcome he needed in order to press forward with a move to rewrite the constitution on the way to consolidating his power, Ankara's crackdown on the press continues as the government is now jailing opposition reporters and accusing them of attempting to orchestrate a "coup."

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Greek Island Runs Out Of Burial Ground Amid Flood Of Dead Refugees

"Yesterday we held five funerals, but there are still 55 bodies at the morgue," exclaims Lesbos' mayor Spyros Galinos, adding "Who could have anticipated such a carnage in the Aegean?"

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New Poll Shows Carson Overtaking Trump In National Poll

The mainstream media is cock-a-hoop after CNBC-parent NBC and Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal reveal a new national poll that shows notjust Trump being beaten in 2nd place by Ben Carson (who is currently on a book tour) but also shows Marco Rubio surging (from 4% to 11%) if one wanted to spin it that way. Softly-spoken Carson, with 29% of the GOP primary voters polled, is ahead of Trump (23%) for the first time in the campaign, tripling his support since July (and as WSJ reports is the first Republican to top 50% when voters 2nd and 3rd choice are combined). On the other side of the scale, Bush's support is collapsing as Cruz and Rubio accelerate.

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Frontrunning: November 3

  • S&P 500 Futures Slip as Aussie Gains on Rate Outlook; Oil Rises (BBG)
  • Xi Says China Needs at Least 6.5% Growth in Next Five Years (BBG)
  • Ben Carson Vaults to Lead in Latest Journal/NBC Poll (WSJ)
  • World's Biggest Banks Still Not `Truly Resolvable,' FSB Says (BBG)
  • Keystone XL's builder faced darkening prospects (Reuters)
  • Merkel Says Germany Must Step Up World Role in Refugee Crisis (BBG)
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Infrared Satellite Reveals Heat Flash At Time Of Russian Airplane Disaster

"U.S. intelligence analysts believe it could have been some kind of explosion on the aircraft itself, either a fuel tank or a bomb."

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