Trump Calls For "Healing Of Divisions" In First Thanksgiving Address To America

In his first Thanksgiving video address to the nation, President-elect Donald Trump sought to mend relations in a vastly polarized nation and said he hoped Americans would come together to "heal our divisions." In the two-minute video posted to YouTube, Trump acknowledged that the election had left hurt feelings but urged the public to work together and move forward.

Trump Names Former Political Opponent As UN Ambassador, Replacing Anti-Putin Samantha Power

In the first woman appointment to Trump's administration, South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley has accepted the president-elect's offer to be his ambassador to the United Nations, NBC News reported this morning. If confirmed, Haley would succeed Samantha Power, who served as President Barack Obama's U.N. ambassador since 2013, and who has been the most vocal opponent of the Russian regime's overtures.

The Mainstream Media Has Only Itself To Blame For The "Fake News" Epidemic

When false narratives and comedians are championed, the public at large stops relying on publications and networks who attempt to pass themselves off as “real news” but who in fact either ignore or simply don’t care about information they put out because of an ideological bias.

Jeff Sessions Accepts Trump's Offer To Serve As US Attorney General


One of Sessions' earliest decisions will be whether to follow through on Trump’s campaign promises to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the e-mail practices of Hillary Clinton. Before the election, Sessions called for a special prosecutor.

Frontrunning: November 15

  • Biggest Global Bond Rout Since 2003 Pauses (BBG)
  • Oil prices jump 3 percent on hopes of OPEC output cut (Reuters)
  • Italy polls get worse for Renzi as referendum nears (Reuters)
  • Trump will get wake-up call when he takes office, Obama says (Reuters)
  • With Priebus, Ryan’s Speakership Has Direct Channel to Trump (BBG)
  • Supreme Court now in Trump’s hands (The Hill)

Anti-Trump Protest Day 5 Looms: Denial, Double Standards, & 'Dump Trump' Dissonance

Demonstrators across the United States planned to take to the streets for a fifth straight day on Sunday to protest President-elect Donald Trump. Protests were scheduled for Sunday afternoon in New York City and Oakland, California, according to online announcements. Dozens have been arrested and a handful of police injured, but, as Reuters reports, neither Obama nor Clinton has called for an end to the protests.

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills Four At Largest NATO Airbase In Afghanistan

Four people were killed and at least 14 injured when a man wearing a suicide vest set off an explosion inside Bagram Airfield - the largest NATO military base in Afghanistan and one of the most heavily protected places in the country - early Saturdat as people were gathering for a post-Veterans Day fun run.