new economy

'Value Investing' Deadpool

"'Avoid the Old Economy and invest in the New and forget about price', proclaim the pundits. And in truth, that has been the way to invest over the last eighteen months.. the process is self-perpetuating until the pyramid eventually collapses under its own excess... I have great faith though that, 'this, too, will pass'..."

Passive Should Never Laugh At Active

"The fact that fully invested passive managers are doing over-the-top-victory-dances in the end zone should come as no surprise. This is the kind of behavior we should expect at the top... The Market Gods are not a lenient bunch. They have a way of knocking down the cockiest among us."

NFL Players Join Soros To Fund Leftist Advocacy Groups

With ratings down, ticket sales and prices dropping, and now Cam Newton's route-gate, The NFL does not need any more headaches... but it has one. Even before Trump called out players for taking a knee during the national anthem, their union had been funding leftist advocacy groups along with George Soros.

The “Trump Tax Plan” - Details & Analysis

Trump's "historic" tax bill, as proposed today, will likely look very different by the time it is actually voted on. However, as is always the case, the “devil is in the details." Here are the notable highlights...

Industrial Production Growth Slows For First Time Since January

Following May's disappointing MoM collapse in industrial production growth, economists had hoped for a modest 0.3% rebound and were pleasantly surprised with 0.4% gain in June (and upward revision for May). However, year-over-year growth in industrial production slowed from +2.1% to +2.0% YoY - its first slowdown since January.

US Factory Orders Tumble Most Since November... "We're Gonna Need More War"

Despite all the exuberance over ISM 'soft' data, 'hard' data takes another hit today as Factory Orders for May tumbled 0.8% (worse than the 0.5% expected drop) for the biggest slide since November. This is the second monthly decline in a row, signaling Q2 GDP may be weaker than expected.

Uber Suffers Major Setback In Efforts To Conquer European Market

For years Uber has been battling with Barcelona taxi drivers who have argued that UberPOP engages in unfair competition by using unlicensed drivers that are not subject of the same regulatory hurdles as a regular "transport company."  And while Uber has historically taken the approach of just entering new markets and sorting out the regulatory hurdles later, it looks like those hurdles are finally catching up with them in the European Union...