New York Times

Welcome To Covfefe-Land, Where Truth Doesn't Matter

"The extraordinary thought disorders of this moment in history are equally distributed across the political spectrum, but they grow especially acute as that civilization enters an economic crack-up zone. The craziness is equally distributed while the nation’s wealth is not..."

"The Western Status Quo Political System Is Collapsing Into 'Something Else'"

" the Western status quo political system collapses into Something Else, how is it possible that our capital markets are not similarly gripped by volatility and stress? What is responsible for breaking the transmission mechanism from political risk to market risk? I’ve got a macro answer and I’ve got a micro answer..."

Forget Peace & Stability - Washington's Policy In The South China Sea Is Confrontational

The US whose coast is 12,000 miles from the South China Sea where its ships zig-zag in ‘Freedom of Navigation’ operations, and its electronic warfare aircraft roam the skies forcing China to activate its mainland defensive radars so that they can be identified as future targets, refuses to sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Comey To Testify Publicly That "Trump Did Push Him To End" Flynn's Russia Probe

The showdown between Donald Trump and James Comey will be televized after all. The former FBI director plans to testify publicly in the Senate as early as next week to confirm bombshell accusations that President Donald Trump "pushed Comey to end his investigation into a top Trump aide's ties to Russia", CNN reports.

A Voice Of Reason Speaks Regarding "The New Cold War"

In 2017, being a voice of reason is a revolutionary act. "My view is that this Cold War is even more dangerous. As we talk today, and this was not the case in the preceding Cold War, there are three new fronts that are fraught with hot war. "

For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction

The US rose to an unprecedented height in its developing years. In its decline, that hasn’t merely been diminished - it’s been reversed. Although some Americans do still grasp the Jeffersonian concept of freedom, the overall thrust of the nation is the opposite. The US still exists, but America has departed.