Switzerland: Chocolate, Watches, And Jihad

Switzerland is the answer to those who claim that Islamic terrorism is reserved for those countries that have participated in operations against ISIS or other Muslim terror organizations. Switzerland has done neither, yet its flag figured among sixty other enemy flags shown in an ISIS propaganda video. Swiss authorities are currently investigating 480 suspected jihadists in the country.

Frontrunning: February 2

  • Futures fall as Fed gives no clarity on next rate hike (Reuters)
  • Yellen Eyes Commercial Real-Estate Froth as Fed Weighs ’17 Risks (BBG)
  • Trump Slams ‘Dumb Deal’ With Ally Australia After Testy Call (BBG)
  • For Many Firms, Trump Dominates Earnings Calls (WSJ)
  • Trump’s Blue-Collar Populism Is Dividing Unions (BBG)

Gartman No Longer Bullish After Seeing Barron's Cover

"We’ve brought a stop up behind that position that shall take us out at break-even, including the dividend,  but we’ve no intention at this point of buying anything else and if we are taken out we’ll stand wholly aside and watch further developments."

Another Greek WTF Showdown Moment Explained

The IMF has once again threatened to pull out of the Troika following a warning that Eurogroup loan measures are not enough for Greek debt. This is one of those WTF moments where statements from Greece, from the IMF, and also the Eurozone make no apparent sense.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Accuses Soros Of Seeking To Bring Down His Government

Soros "would like this government to fail, he would like to kind of fire this government because he doesn’t like our approach, doesn’t like our policies,” Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said. "We find it very anti-democratic if someone from abroad would like to influence Hungarian voters on whom to vote for."

Argentine Judge Orders Arrest Of Local Uber Executives, Shut Down Of Uber Mobile App

Buenos Aires prosecutor Martin Lapadi has requested the arrest of local Uber executives, and ordered the shut down of the company's mobile application. The injunction is the result of Uber operating in Argentina since mid-April without a permit or tax-identification number, which has led to numerous lawsuits by taxi unions