Jihad In Denmark

Danish Minister of Justice Søren Pape said it is "insane" that people such as the imam "exist in Denmark"... "It is deeply unsympathetic," he said. "These are medieval thoughts and it makes me very sad that in Denmark in 2017 there are still people who really have not evolved further."

Macron Appoints Centre-Right Mayor Edouard Philippe As Prime Minister

One day after Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated as France's new president, he announced the appointment of a centre-right Republican Edouard Philippe, the 46-year-old mayor of the port city of Le Havre, as France’s new prime minister tasked with implementing Macron's economic reforms and to galvanize public support as France’s centrist president seeks to build a majority in parliament for his year-old party.

"There's No Evidence, Stupid!"

The upshot of all this will be a political circus for the rest of the year and the abandonment of any real business in government, at a moment in history when some very weighty black swans circle above the clouds waiting to crash land. Enjoy the histrionics if you dare, and pay no attention to collapsing economy as it all plays out.

Ray Dalio Goes Dr. Doom: "When The Next Downturn Comes, It’s Going To Be Bad"

"we fear that whatever the magnitude of the downturn that eventually comes, whenever it eventually comes, it will likely produce much greater social and political conflict than currently exists.  The idea of conflicts getting even worse in a downturn is scary.  When the next downturn comes, it’s probably going to be bad."