NASA: "Sun Erupts With Significant Flare"

The sun emitted a significant solar flare on Sept. 10, 2017. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of the event. The full halo coronal mass ejection was so powerful and widespread, there actually appears to be an Earth directed component. If so, an impact to the earth's geomagnetic field may be possible as soon as tomorrow.

Goldman Slashes Q3 GDP By 30% Due To Hurricane Disaster

"Given potentially sizeable growth effects from Harvey—and with Irma risks now moving to center stage—we are lowering our Q3 GDP tracking estimate by 0.8pp to +2.0%. However, we expect this weakness to reverse over the subsequent three quarters, more than recouping the lost output"

6 Reasons Why Hurricane Irma Could Be "The Natural Disaster Of Our Time"

Hurricane Harvey was a tragic nightmare that hit the Texas shores with force and then lingered for days, dumping truck-floads of rain on a city ill-equipped to handle it. Florida is next, and if predictions are accurate, Hurricane Irma is going to be far worse than Houston was, and worse than anyone has prepared for.