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Bullish. No Matter What

Anyone wishing to capture the mindset of the lemmings that still desire to be front run by every imaginable SkyNet algo out there, needs to read no further than this list prepared by the Daily Bell.

Daily Highlights: 4.06.10

  • Asian markets traded mostly higher with Australian market reaching an 18-month high.
  • Australia raised its cash rate target a quarter percentage point to 4.25%.
  • Bank of Japan may keep policy unchanged as Tankan shows economy improving.
  • China says firmer yuan not key to U.S. trade imbalance.
  • Euro declines on speculation Greece will struggle to raise further funds.
  • Fed finds record-low OECD inflation.
  • Interest rates climb; 10-year Treasury yield touches 4 percent for 1st time since June.

Daily Highlights: 2.17.10

  • Asian stocks, currencies rally on improved earnings, global growth outlook.
  • China cuts US Treasury holdings by most (-4.3%) in decade; Japan buys more debt.
  • Hong Kong Exchange expects more IPOs from overseas to tap China investors.
  • Japan's Service demand fell 0.9% in December, biggest slide in nine months.
  • Oil trades above $77 after advancing as Euro strengthens against Dollar.
  • Treasuries decline on speculation US Housing, Production rose last month.
  • Treasury says new loans by 11 TARP banks rose 13% in December.
  • U.K. unemployment claims jump to highest since 1997.

Art Cashin Early Thoughts

An announcement from European leaders of a commitment to assist Greece boosted the Euro and dinged the dollar. That in today’s Pavlovian world sent gold, oil and stocks higher. It was entertaining to watch pundits on TV trying to invent a stimulus or two for the rally. A couple even tried to attribute the rally in stocks to movement on financial reform.

Duh! What would make the Dow rise 100 points, gold jump $20 and oil to move up nearly a dollar? The answer fairly jumps off the page. It was the pullback in the dollar – er…..more directly, the dollar basket (DXY).

The relationship between the dollar and other assets is clearly evident by looking at the minute by minute charts. We presume the pundits look for other causation simply to fill up air time. - Art Cashin

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South Korea (EWY) is the “K” that should be in “BRICK.” The country where the classic “V” shaped recovery is real. The international nuclear industry was blown away by Korea Electric Power’s $20.4 billion UAE deal. Speaking volumes about the direction of the global economy. South Korea takes a quantum leap ahead in the race for competitiveness, while the US falls further to the back in the dust. One small problem: the megalomaniac who lives next door with the starving million man army. Time for a visit to the Hermit Kingdom. (EWY)

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President Obama seems to be tone deaf and his State of the Union address was revealing. His rambling speech continued his theme of Big State control on the one hand yet preaching bipartisanship and fiscal responsibility on the other. This administration and the Democratic leadership is marching us toward European-style welfare socialism and seem incapable of compromise.

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~ Information Technology, Social Media & the Structural Integrity of the Internet in the 21st Century ~ after China got caught with its hand in Google's POP3 Port 995 cookie jar, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fired THE first salvo in what will likely prove itself to be the terrain of WW III ~ the digital battlefield. This highlight is intended to set the stage for a short-series that will delve deeper into the multivariate 'strategery' of the issue du jour ~ China, Computers & Freedom in the 21st Century.

Blackstone's Rose-Colored Glasses Initiative

Due to popular demand, and in response to the earlier post by David Rosenberg, we present the Top Ten Surprises for 2010 as laid out by Blackstone Vice Chairman Byron Wien. No commentary necessary.

Guest Post: A Hot Future For Geothermal

Capturing energy from the earth’s heat is pretty easy pickin’s for geologically-active areas of the world like Iceland, Indonesia, and Chile. In some locations, hot fluids are so near the earth’s surface that heat from naturally-occurring hot fluids can be directly circulated through buildings for heating. Iceland, in particular, takes advantage of this low-hanging energy fruit. However, in most areas of the world where geothermal energy is captured, the heat is used to generate electricity.

Guest Post: Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Highlight Kazakhstan’s Uranium Potential

One bonus of the global recession is that it wiped a lot of incompetent hedge fund managers and energy speculators from the canyons of Wall Street. As the Gordon Gecko sycophants regroup and look for the next Big Thing, maximizing profit while minimizing risk, the landscape looks very different than it did a year ago. In such a climate, it is uranium, not oil and natural gas that would seem to have the brightest future for one simple, overriding capitalist principle – supply and demand.

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In crazy times like today, all one could and actually should ask for is sanity. Yes, sanity – a clear mind free of noise to deal with the insanity that is thrust upon us by a volatile and noise-making machine also known as the stock market. We find ourselves glued to the computer screens or CNBC waiting to find out what the Dow’s next tick is going to be. Unfortunately, we are left with only a headache and wasted time. OK, what’s next? Here is my advice: read. Read books that will bring you sanity, the ones that will snap you back into the shell of investor and out of the sorry shell of nervous observer of the daily stock market melodrama. The following books are excellent choices and come with plenty of sanity and sage advice.

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Who Is Eyeing Clean Energy?

There is a clean energy revolution going on and it's just in its infancy. Those who can't see it are either blind or hopelessly ignorant. If pension funds are smart, they will start thinking about investing opportunistically in this sector now.

Daily Highlights: 9.14.09

  • Asian stocks fall amid valuation concerns; drags MSCI index from a 1-yr high.
  • Baucus health care plan raises plenty of concerns despite major concessions to industry.
  • Britain's Conservative Party considering bank privatization plans in case of election victory.
  • China starts probe of US auto, chicken imports after US imposes tariffs on tire imports.
  • China 'strongly opposes' Obama's tire import tariffs, may appeal to WTO.
  • China’s electricity usage rose 8.22 percent in August from a year earlier.