Obama Administration

Iran, China Conduct Joint Naval Drills

Iranian and Chinese naval forces took part in a joint drill in the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, Iran's IRNA news agency reported.  It was only the second time the Chinese flotilla has visited the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas since 2014, and comes at a tense moment as the Senate last week passed a new round of sanctions against Tehran.

Cab Drivers Union Says Chicago Taxi Industry Near Collapse

Across Chicago, the number of taxi rides dropped from 2.29 million in January 2014 to 1.1 million in January 2017, according to a report released recently by Cab Drivers United, AFSCME Local 2500. As a result, the average monthly income per medallion has fallen by $2,000 during the same time.

Trump To Rewrite Obama Rules On Student Loan Foregiveness

The Education Department announced Wednesday that it will change two key Obama-era rules governing student loan forgiveness in cases involving fraud and misconduct by universities.  The department said it will convene special committees to rewrite the Borrower Defense to Repayment and Gainful Employment regulations.

Multipolar World Order: The Big Picture In The Qatar-Saudi Fracture

"The American century is rapidly coming to an end. Terrorists are biting their masters’ hands and the vassals are rebelling. The unipolar world order that defers to the United States is rapidly disappearing, and the consequences are being felt in many areas of the world."

The Phony War Against Donald Trump

"Unless and until Robert Mueller’s investigators uncover evidence that crimes were committed by Trump associates - and that Trump knew about them or committed some himself - the only scandal here is Trump’s disregard for Washington’s myths and norms. "

Meet The 22 Economists That Want To Kill Your Purchasing Power

After the Fed failed to spark any notable increase in aggregate demand despite keeping interest rates at zero for seven years, a group of economists is pressuring the central bank to rethink one of its most closely held-policy parameters...