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Pershing Square

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"It Been Horrendous" - Investor Tries To Pull Cash From Valeant-Heavy Fund, Gets Shares Instead

When Tom Bentley tried to pull his money from a mutual fund troubled by its large stake in Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., he instead received shares in a Springfield, Mo. auto-parts retailer. Sequoia Fund Inc. sent the retired computer hardware engineer about 5% of his money in cash and the rest was stock in one company–O’Reilly Automotive Inc. Mr. Bentley said he sold the shares as soon as they appeared in his account on April 7, but they had already dropped in value. "It has been pretty horrendous," Mr. Bentley said.

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Stocks Rebound In Calm Trading On Back Of Stronger Crude, Dollar

Unlike yesterday's overnight session, which saw some subtantial carry FX volatility and tumbling European yields in the aftermath of the TSY's anti-inversion decree, leading to a return of fears that the next leg down in markets is upon us, the overnight session has been far calmer, assisted in no small part by the latest China Caixin Services PMI, which rose from 51.2 to 52.2. Adding to the overnight rebound was crude, which saw a big bounce following yesterday's API inventory data, according to which crude had its biggest inventory draw in 2016, resulting in WTI rising as high as $37.15 overnight

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The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Valeant CEO To Tesity Under Oath, Following Accusation Of Merger Agreement Violation

It's been a terrible month for investors in Valeant (and Pershing Square) and it is about to get even worse following news that the outgoing CEO of the troubled company, which is under scrutiny for dramatically hiking the price of older drugs, has been summoned to testify at a U.S. congressional hearing on April 27, the panel said on Monday.

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Frontrunning: March 24

  • Belgium hunts 'third man' after Islamic State bombings (Reuters)
  • Number of Attackers, Key Details of Brussels Assaults Remain Unclear (WSJ)
  • Surviving Paris attacks suspect wants to return to 'explain himself': lawyer (Reuters)
  • Brussels Suicide Bomber Slipped Terror Net (WSJ)
  • Dollar rise hits commodities as Fed talks of tightening (Reuters)
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Valeant "Kitchen Sink": CEO Out, Ackman In, Throws Ex-Goldman CFO Under The Bus, Warns Of Potential Default

Pearson is out; Ackman is in... accounting mis-statements (balmed ojn improper conduct of CFO) resulting in worse than expected results... and no confirmation on the waivers from lenders... warning of possible default.

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Valeant Throws Its Former CFO Under The Bus; Accuses Him Of Cooking The Books After Coming Over From Goldman Sachs

Back in October, we tried to "tie the Valeant roll-up together by presenting The Goldman "Missing Link" in which we showed that Howard Schiller, Valeant's CFO from December 2011 to June 2015, previously ran Goldman Sachs’ health-care practice until 2009, when he became the chief operating officer of Goldman’s investment bank. The next year, the bank advised Valeant on its breakout purchase of Biovail Corp. Today, as part of its stunning announcement earlier today, the company - in looking for easy scapegoats - also threw its former CFO under the bus and accused him of cooking the books.

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S&P Adds Insult To Bill Ackman's Injury, Puts Pershing Square Holdings On Downgrade Watch

As if the historic collapse of Valeant and his hedge fund crashing by 26% YTD was not enough, moments ago S&P added insult to injury when it warned it may downgrade Pershing Square, because "Pershing Square Holdings' net asset value has dropped substantially, largely because of a precipitous decline in the market value of Valeant  Pharmaceuticals"  and "as a result, Pershing Square's debt-to-total assets ratio increased to  above 20% as of March 15, 2016, from 15% at the end of October 2015. We are placing our 'BBB' issuer credit and senior unsecured debt ratings  on the company on CreditWatch with negative implications."

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Frontrunning: March 17

  • Global Stocks Slip Following Fed’s Cautious Tone (WSJ)
  • Oil rallies towards $41, near 2016 high, on producer meeting (Reuters)
  • Hamptons luxury home sales soften as Wall Street weakness takes a toll (Reuters)
  • Obama picks centrist high court nominee; Republicans unmoved (Reuters)
  • Allies See Challenges for Hillary Clinton in a General Election Campaign (WSJ)
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Ackman Begins Portfolio Liquidation To Shore Up Cash, Sells $800 Million In Mondelez After Losing 26% YTD

"Dear Pershing Square Investor: After the close, we completed a block sale of 20 million shares of Mondelez International. As a result of the sale, we now own a 5.6% stake in the company, are the third largest owner, and have substantial uninvested cash."

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Bill Ackman Sends Out Desperate "Hail Mary" Letter Defending Valeant, Says Business Worth "Multiples" More

With Valeant down nearly 50%, and Pershing Square fielding an unknown number of margin calls and redemption requests as of this moment, Bill Ackman just did the only thing he could do at this moment: send a letter to anyone who still cares, defending his disastrous investment, yet again.

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Ackman Loses $1 Billion, Pershing Square Fund Halted

Circuit-breakers kicked in as  Pershing Square Holdings, the publicly traded vehicle led by hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, has been halted. With the stock down over 11%, Bill Ackman's 30.7mm share personal holding means a paper loss of nearly $1 billion when the stock hit its intraday low of just over $3, down $32 on the day.

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The Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds In 2016: All Hail The "Tulip Trend Fund"

With the S&P 500 set to go green for the year, the best and worst performing hedge funds of the year demonstrate that while the bulk of the marquee names continue to substantially underperfom the broader market, with Tiger, Pershing Square, Glenview and Trian standing out, there are quite a few names that have generated positive results YTD.

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Herbalife Stocks Plummets After Company Admits Its New Member Data Was Cooked And Overinflated

Today, however, may be a time for some modest celebrations for perennial Herbalife bear Ackman, because moments ago, Herbalife released an 8-K with some of the most unprecedented data revisions we have seen in a long time, one explaining that the company's "Active New Members" data has been not only completely wrong but massively inflated in the past year. The culprit: "database scripting errors." One wonders if there was perhaps a person who created this database...

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Is Ackman Facing A Liquidity Crunch: CP Files Shelf With Pershing As Selling Shareholder

Earlier this afternoon, Pershing Square portfolio company (long 13.9 million shares) Canadian Pacific filed a $1.5 billion mixed Registration Shelf statement which covered everything from Common to Preferred to Warrants and Units. What was curious about the CP shelf is the following disclosure: "Certain funds managed by Pershing Square ... may also from time to time offer and sell Common Shares pursuant to this prospectus. See “Selling Shareholder."

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Ackman Losses $200 Million In An Instant After Valeant Reveals SEC Investigation; Stock Crashes

One wonders just how much more pain Pershing Square's LPs can continue to suffer before they send Ackman that final redemption request. Pershing Square reveals its latest weekly performance report tomorrow night. As of this moment we expect nothing less than a 25% drop.


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