President Obama

Monday Humor? Obama Warns Trump On Use Of "Executive Orders"

The President who once taunted Republicans in Congress with phrases like "elections mean something" and "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone" before signing a litany of executive orders, is now admonishing President-elect Trump on doing the same.

The Deep State Blues

This dishonest meme was also designed by The Deep State to distract the public from the substance of the emails disclosed by WikiLeaks - namely, the scamming and trickery of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the influence-peddling of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, which had her flirting with indictment last summer, and only reinforced her already-established public image as an unscrupulous person.

AG Lynch Admits She "Regrets" Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton

As yet another member of President Obama's administration desperately attempts to define their own legacy (with words other than "failed", "rigged", or "favoritism"), Attorney General Loretta Lynch put on her gentlest, quietest voice for an 'exit' interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, admitting she "regretted sitting down" with Bill Clinton because "it gave people concern" and wants to be remembered for ensuring justice to "all Americans."

Were Democrats Beaten By Their Own "War Of Narratives"?

With a president and leader, who holds a belief that the “war of narratives” is all that matters, Democrats have slipped into a very narrow (albeit progressive) world view. Is this starting to make some sense now? From this perch, you ignore what is going on around you and it is your job and the job of your party to push any given issue through the filter of a given narrative.

Markets Award Trump Nobel Prize In Economics

It took only nine days in office for President Obama to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Likewise, the markets seem to have prematurely greeted Trumponomics as an outstanding success. There’s just one thing: Trump hasn’t done anything yet. We’re still weeks away from his inauguration, and details of his economic plans remain scarce.

Trump Picks Fiscal Conservative Hawk Mulvaney As Budget Director

Hinting at a substantial clampdown on government spending over the next four years, this morning President-elect Trump announced the selection of South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney to be his first budget director Saturday morning, a nomination which would put a "fiscal conservative hawk" in charge of managing the federal budget and the logistics of government affairs.

Phoenix Unlikely To Rise From Democratic Party's Ashes

It was the power-elite in the Democratic Party that force-exiled too many poor white Democrats into joining Trump’s bigopats.  And an election that Democrats should have won by 10-15 million votes ended in an Electoral College fratricidal defeat... taking place in Rust Belt states where insurgent Democrats broke party ranks.

"Sorry, Not Sorry" - Neither The Media Nor Their Owners Are Going To Change

The essence of American politics is “the manipulation of populism by elitism.” Don’t expect this to change in the wake of the navel-gazing mainstream’s historic whiff on the election–despite the occasional mea culpa and promise to overhaul its approach. Mostly because 90 percent of the MSM is owned and operated by six conglomerates that have little interest in changing the system that profits them, or in changing the editorial narratives that support the system.

Obama Blames Russia For Hacking, Slams "Domestic Propagandists" For Rise Of "Fake News"

"To the extent that our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody's corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons, and all of our institutions are, you know full of malevolent actors... when a foreign government introduces that same argument, with facts that are made up, voters who have been listening to that stuff for years, who have been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they're going to believe it."