President Obama

NSA Leaks Seemingly Contradict Obama's Public Promises On 'Russian Election Hacking'

If Obama was being honest in December 2016 when he told reporters that "in fact, we did not see further tampering of the election process" after his September 2016 meeting with Putin then perhaps he can explain how/why the NSA had intelligence of a hack targeting election infrastructure as late as "October 31 or November 1?"

Is Afghanistan A Lost Cause?

Message to America: After investing hundreds of billions and 2,000 U.S. lives in the 15 years since 9/11, we are further from victory than we have ever been. Stated starkly, the war in Afghanistan is slowly being lost.

Sugar Wars - Sweet Deals, Bad Policy

A “sugar bomb” will detonate on June 5 unless the US and Mexico can reach an agreement on sugar imports within the next week...

Kristin Tate: Kathy Griffin Is Just The Tip Of The Liberal Violence Iceberg

One of the pillars of democracy erodes before our eyes. The ability to disagree with the politically different disintegrates under red and black flags, and hooded rioters obscuring their faces. It’s not Donald Trump’s secret police. It’s not something out of a dystopian novel. It’s the very real culture of permissive violence exploding from today’s left.