Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: January 27

EU stock futures have come off the initial lows at the open today following news that EU’s Rehn expects a PSI conclusion to be reached over the weekend, however this news comes amid the IIF’s offer to private bondholders of a 70% haircut. Further Greek PSI talks are expected later in the session following a meeting between IIF’s Dallara and Greek PM Papademos in Athens at 1630GMT. Euribor 3-month rate fixing continues to decline, however the pace at which the rates are falling is slowing, showing a fall of 0.005% compared with a 0.013% fall at this time last week. The slowing speed of decline has prompted hesitancy in financial markets, pushing the Euribor strip downwards. Further evidence of this impact comes from Portuguese bond yields, which today hit record Euro area highs. Spanish and Italian spreads have tightened this morning following market talk that the ECB were buying Spanish debt through the SMP in the belly of the curve. The Italian BOT auction this morning came in well-received following strong domestic demand, with 6-month yields falling from previous auctions.