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    12/01/2015 - 13:57
    While a good portion of us here in the states spent last week in a collective food coma, Australian zoologist, Adam Britton, launched a crowdfunding campaign to continue research on one of Paul Hogan...

Ratings Agencies

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French CEO About Ratings Agencies: ‘We Have To Shoot All These Guys’

Until now, the crisis has touched mostly the financial world. But in 2012, it will hit the real economy.

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Banks, Monolines, and Ratings Agencies As The Three Card Monte (Wall)Street Hustlers! Its a Sucker’s Bet, Who’s Going to Fall for it in QE2?

Banks, insurers and ratings agencies conspired to move junk assets that were guaranteed to implode - and implode they have. They were (Wall)Street hustling, 3 Card Monte style, but what most are dismissing is that the ponzi/hustle collapse has yet to truly happen!

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