Civil Asset Forfeiture - Ruining Lives, While Failing To Stop Crime

Though the major point of conversation this week was about Trump’s threat to a state legislator, the bigger story should be the implicit support Trump gave to civil asset forfeiture, whether he realized it or not. And if you are not aware what civil asset forfeiture is, it is (surprisingly) something that is agreed by both sides of the aisle to be unjust and unconstitutional, and rightfully so.

Fitch Warns Trump Administration Could Lead To Global Economic Disaster

"US policy predictability has diminished, with established international communication channels and relationship norms being set aside and raising the prospect of sudden, unanticipated changes in US policies with potential global implications. In Fitch's view, the present balance of risks points toward a less benign global outcome."

What Is Trump's Approval Rating? It Depends On Who You Ask

While we would never be the ones to question the integrity of "independent" pollsters, how could we given the amazing job they did predicting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, we're starting to grow a bit curious about the ever-widening gap in Trump's approval ratings between the various polling institutions.

Fake And False And Just Plain Nonsense

"Our problem is not called Donald Trump. And we need to stop pretending that it is. We are the problem. We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows. We have believed, as long as we’ve been alive, whatever the media feed us, without any critical thought...The longer this braindead attitude prevails, the worse things will get..."

Schwarzenegger: I Wanted To "Smash Trump's Face"

“I called my assistant and said, ‘I think what we really should do is request a meeting and go back to New York,’ ” Schwarzenegger said, pausing for emphasis. "And then we just smash his face into the table.”

The Truth About The Berkeley Riot

Seemingly following Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", Liberal Progressive Socialists appear to believe, in a Trump world,  "the ends justify the means," as evidenced by the farce in Berkeley this week. Any and everything is justified by a lying mainstream media: riots and the destruction of property, assaults on those who disagree with them, and general lawlessness - all in the name of 'virtue signaling'.

Trump Slams Arnie's "Total Disaster" Ratings, Says "The World Is In Trouble... I'll Fix It"

In a far-ranging speech addressing the National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump took a shot at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice ratings - "total disaster", jabbed at immigrants and religious freedom "freedom is a gift from god," and reassured Americans that he will save the world, "the world is in trouble...I'll fix it." Quite a morning already.