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No Joke! The Onion Predicted All Of This Back In 2003

“George W. Bush may think that a war against Iraq is the solution to our problems, but the reality is, it will only serve to create far more,” read a 2003 article on The Onion a week after then-President George Bush launched the Iraq War. While a wide variety of organizations and individuals also rebuked that invasion, the satirical newspaper offered one of the most accurate assessments to date. So accurate, in fact, it all but predicted the rise of the Islamic State.

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Japan To Unleash Inflation... By Fabricating Data

What do you do when you're a government statistician and the economic data doesn't say what you want it to say? Why you "adjust" it of course.

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Guest Post: The End Of Obamaworld

Obamaworld is gone. We live again in an us-versus-them country in an us-versus-them world. And we shall likely never know another.

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5 Myths Regarding the Paris Terror Attacks

Instead of Listening to Idiots Talking Their Book ... Let's Fact-Check the Myths

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Three "Do You Believe In Crude Oil Miracles" Charts

It appears European and US oil & gas stock investors (and Dow Transports lovers) believe they know better than commodity traders when it comes to some kind of future reality in which miracles of growth can happen. The disconnect between European oil & gas stocks, US energy stocks, and Trannies relative to crude oil has never been bigger...

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How Islamic Extremism Was Born

History takes no prisoners. It shows, with absolute lucidity, that the Islamic extremism ravaging the world today was borne out of the Western foreign policy of yesteryear.

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3 Things: Earnings, Profits, Rates

"If you just exclude all the bad stuff, earnings look quite good."

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The Federal Reserve, Interest Rates, & Triffin's Paradox

There is no way Fed policy can be win-win-win for all participants.

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As Of Today, The Baltic Dry Freight Index Has Never Been Lower

Having fallen for 20 straight days, crushing the hopes and dreams of the mid-year bounce - and thoroughly breaking down from seasonally positive tendencies - The Baltic Dry Freight Index has collapsed to all-time (back to 1984) record lows. As on shipping broker exclaimed, “This market is looking like a disaster and the rates are a reflection of that. It is looking scary for the market and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any life in the market in the near term.”

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Swap Spreads Just Hit A New Record Negative Low: Goldman's Explanation Why

Having detailed the "perverted nonsense" that is the collapsing and negative US swap spreads (here, here, here, and here) and noted money manager's concerns that the big question remains whether there is "something bigger brewing under the surface that so far hasn’t been pinpointed yet," it appears Goldman Sachs feels the need to 'explain' the anomaly in what appears an effort to calm fears about the broken money markets. Of course, we don’t have to figure out what the “market” is saying about a negative spread because it isn’t saying anything other than “something” is wrong and even Goldman admits this signals funding and balance sheet strains are worsening since August.

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The Fate Of Goldman's Global Growth Forecast Is In The Hands Of Just Three Countries

In 2016 just three countries will grow above Goldman's blended global average growth rate of 3.6%: India, China and Indonesia.

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The Fed-Induced Farce

The Fed has created a dead end street for everyone not in their .1% clientele... We’re all muppets to the banking cabal running this morally and financially bankrupt military empire of debt.

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And Now The ECB's Minutes: One Trader's Take

The ECB has real policy choices they will have to choose between, and the implications are real. A further foray into negative deposit rates, extension and enlargement of QE, even a less likely change to the main financing rate. Each choice has externalities internally and is also likely to provoke a reaction from other affected countries. The Riksbank and SNB will be watching as closely as EGB traders. The ECB is in easing mode. The Fed plans to tighten. Relative value trades have further to play out

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Do you believe in terrorists?

Westerners have a deep history of a culture of myths (see Joseph Campbell).  We love to believe in Santa Claus, "The American Dream," the Tooth Fairy, housing market always goes up, and countless others.  So it's easy for us to be 'terrorized' by a myth; that hiding behind every corner are evil 'terrorists' waiting to blow themselves up because 'they hate our freedoms.' 

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