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    The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical...


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Greek Pipeline Breakthrough To Challenge Russian Gas Dominance In Europe

After years of debate, political jockeying and acrimony, a major pipeline project to bring natural gas to Southern Europe has broken ground. The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will connect the Caspian Sea to European markets, providing Europe with another large source of natural gas that will help the continent diversify away from Russia. The route begins at the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, where the South Caucuses Pipeline will carry Caspian gas from the large Shah Deniz-2 gas field, delivering it to the border with Turkey.

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Trump Leads Clinton Nationally For First Time In Latest Poll

Having recently tied her in a Rasmussen poll, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton (by 3pts) for the first time in a national poll, according to FOX News. With a net honesty rating of negative 35, Hillary is losing by 9 points to Trump among white women but holds a stunning 83-point lead over Trump among blacks.

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The Best US Cities For Jobs... For Now

"The peak is behind us, and that's becoming clearer and clearer..." While we're happy for all of these tech heavy cities making this list, we would caution those reading not to pack up and head to the West Coast just yet. While Silicon Valley has undoubtedly had a good run, the reality is that the second great tech bubble has popped, and impacts are only just beginning to be felt.

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Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood?

It really does not matter what brand of social system we implement. It really does not matter what kind of economic model we employ. It really does not matter if we somehow find a way to promote enlightened thinking on a massive scale. None of it matters if we do not also confront the organized evil of the globalist cabal. It is interesting how many people strive so hard to avoid acknowledging the fight that is coming by clinging to the notion that the globalists are “misunderstood” or “not important” in the grand scheme of things.

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The Inflation Tipping-Point

The increasingly obvious trend reversal in inflation, amid softening growth, indicates the long predicted arrival of stagflation. While not unexpected, this is likely to propel the gold price higher.

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Venezuelan Police Unleash Tear-Gas, Rubber Bullets Amid Violent Anti-Government Protests

"The bread shops are empty...I'm close to robbing. This man [Maduro] has to fix things or he should go... It's best that others step in to govern -- but not those squalid bastards, not them either,"

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The Interests Of A Government In Debt Are Not Aligned With The People

Since the beginning of the year, the greenback has shown it's not almighty after all; and gold - the barbarous relic as some have called it - may be en vogue again? Where are we going from here and what are the implications for investors?

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British Spymaster Fears The EU Has "Run Its Historical Course"; Warns Of "Populist Uprising"

"The argument that we would be less secure if we left the EU, is in reality rather difficult to make. There would in fact be some gains if we left, because the UK would be fully master of its own house...The stakes are very high, and the UK referendum is the first roll of the dice in a bigger geopolitical game."

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Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession

Peddling some facts... "This is no longer statistical “noise” that can easily be brushed off."

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Maybe You Should "Sell In May"

Should you “sell in May and go away?”  That decision is entirely up to you. There is never certainty in the market, but the deck this summer seems much more stacked than usual against investors who are taking on excessive equity based risk - throw into the mix ongoing high-valuations, uncertainty about what actions the Federal Reserve may take, ongoing geopolitical risks, concerns over China, potential for a stronger dollar or further weakness in oil – well, you get the idea. The question you really need to answer is whether the “reward” is really worth the “risk?”

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Is Mitt Romney On A Suicide Mission?

“It’s a suicide mission,” said the Republican Party Chairman. The Romney-Kristol cabal is Hillary Clinton’s fifth column inside the Republican Party.

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Weapons Headed To Libya: Hillary's Interventionist Disaster Continues To Spiral Out Of Control

Earlier today, The Guardian published an article detailing how foreign leaders were gathering in Vienna to discuss how to address the humanitarian disaster/ISIS haven they themselves created in Libya. As usual, the key agenda item revolved around whether the U.S. and its allies should ship weapons into the arena to inspire, you know, freedom and democracy.

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Bill Clinton Confirms "Wants Economic Role" In Hillary's Administration

Is this why stocks are slipping? Following Hillary's hint last night that she would like to put her husband in "charge of revitalising the economy, because you know he knows how to do it," Bill confirmed the farce this morning, admitting he has asked for an "economic role" in his wife's adminstration. As Yves Smith so eloquently noted, after having institutionalized the neoliberal economic policies that have enriched the 1% and particularly the 0.1% at the expense of everyone else, Hillary Clinton wants to give the long-suffereing citizenry an even bigger dose. Good luck America.

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Judge Jeanine Goes Nuclear On Hillary: "The American People Have To Stop Her"

“If the establishment is not willing to admit that no one is above the law and is not willing to garner justice, then ordinary Americans need to make sure the scales of justice are level for all of us...This is not about politics. It's about you, your family, and this great nation. It’s about preventing people who have no regard for the law, or you, for that matter, from running this country.

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