Why Small States Are Better

" small states the government is closer to its citizens and by that better observable and controllable by the populace..."

"Wind, Solar, 3D Printers": A Decade Of "Disruption" In One Chart

While "disruption" may seem like a pervasive buzzword cliche that has hopelessly penetrated investor jargon in recent years, the reality is that there is nothing new today that wasn't just as annoying over a decade ago, only instead of batteries and LEDs, the two categories now seen as most "disruptive", it was Wind, Solar, 3D printers...

Trade Wars Escalate: Trump Admin Hikes Tariffs On Bombardier To 300%

In a decision that's bound to infuriate the leaders of Canada and the UK, the US Commerce Department on Friday tacked on an additional 80% tariff against Bombardier C-Series Jets imported from the US's northern neighbor, adding to a 220% preliminary levy authorized last week...

Previewing The September "Hurricane-Disrupted" Jobs Report

Tomorrow's hurricane-affected September jobs report will be... confusing. That is the (lack of) consensus from Wall Street analysts, who expect an average print of 80,000 (down from the 3-month average of 185K), however with huge variance on either side, with 4 economists predicting a loss of jobs, three expecting a print higher than 150K and one optimistic forecaster going as high as 260,000.

How To Spot The Next Financial Crisis (Before It Spots You)

"These crises with massive bubbles followed by enormous busts are becoming more, not less, common.. with thanks to more and more debt driving more and more credit, making everything more and more unstable...the slightest mistake from here and we've a long, long way to fall..."

Amazon Experimenting With Its Own Delivery Service To Rival FedEx And UPS

Taking another bite out of the fortune they've built for FedEx and UPS shareholders, we learn today that Amazon is "experimenting" with a new program, called "Seller Flex," which would have them takeover the process of picking up packages directly from third-party warehouses and delivering them to customers.