Previewing The September "Hurricane-Disrupted" Jobs Report

Tomorrow's hurricane-affected September jobs report will be... confusing. That is the (lack of) consensus from Wall Street analysts, who expect an average print of 80,000 (down from the 3-month average of 185K), however with huge variance on either side, with 4 economists predicting a loss of jobs, three expecting a print higher than 150K and one optimistic forecaster going as high as 260,000.

How To Spot The Next Financial Crisis (Before It Spots You)

"These crises with massive bubbles followed by enormous busts are becoming more, not less, common.. with thanks to more and more debt driving more and more credit, making everything more and more unstable...the slightest mistake from here and we've a long, long way to fall..."

Amazon Experimenting With Its Own Delivery Service To Rival FedEx And UPS

Taking another bite out of the fortune they've built for FedEx and UPS shareholders, we learn today that Amazon is "experimenting" with a new program, called "Seller Flex," which would have them takeover the process of picking up packages directly from third-party warehouses and delivering them to customers.

Anna Bono: "There's No Future For Africans In Europe"

"...all the time the myth that Europe is the land of unlimited wealth for all young Africans exists, there is simply no hope of preventing them from arriving here only to find themselves without a job, without their families, without knowing anything about our way of life. In short, without a future."

3 Uncommon Signs That An Economic Collapse Could Happen Soon

As stocks continue to climb and the U.S. economy sustains its third longest period of expansion in history, market forecasters are seeking clues for when our next crisis may strike. So far, three uncommon signals have them worried.