Killing Them Is Killing Us

"Does any phrase more aptly characterize the US population than 'dreadful lassitude'? The US government murders in their name. They accept its rationalizations, bread, and circuses, avert their eyes, and sink into technological and pharmacological oblivion. "

13 Truths About How Money Really Works

"It is easy to get sucked into the “hype” particularly at the latest stages of a rampant bull market advance. We all want to be able to under-save today for tomorrow’s needs by hoping the markets will make up the difference. This is the same bit of logic every major pension fund in America has utilized for the last 25-years and are now facing the underfunded consequences..."

'Narratives' Are Not 'Truths'

"The American polity is not thriving. It has been incrementally failing to meet its needs for quite a while now... It is drunk on the untruths it tells itself in the service of playing games to avoid meeting its real needs. Narratives are not truths."

Bill Blain: "There Is One Obvious Trigger That Could Lead To A Market Fall In The Second Half"

"At the core of Worried Scenario is someone/thing presses the reset button and the second half of 2017 is remembered for a massive market down-flip. Some toxic combination of overvalued stocks (although we’re seeing a great earnings season). What might the trigger be? Central bank normalisation? The end of QE distortion? The trick is to spot the likely threats. The obvious one is politics."  

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Anyone who thinks they are witnessing Trump’s unraveling or downfall is sorely mistaken. This is exactly what Trump wants. This is his marketing strategy. This is the reality TV show environment in which he thrives. Not as an effective leader, but as a celebrity, a star, an entertainer, a villain, a martyr, whatever.