Bill Blain: "Last Person Leaving The Bond Markets Please Put Out The Lights"

When corporate bonds yield half a smidge more than govies despite their greater risk profile, and hi-yield issues return barely a tad over (when the junk indices are full of zombie over-indebted companies that will fold when rates rise), what’s the point investing in non-sovereign risk?

Gasoline Prices Tumble As Refiners Resume Operations

RBOB Gasoline futures tumbled to their lowest level in almost a week overnnight as several US Gulf Coast refineries reported their plans to restart operations after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey forced them to shutdown.

Weekend Reading: Harvey & The Broken Window Fallacy

"... the reality is we are very late in the current economic cycle. Just like in 2008, it was well after the fact, when the economic data was negatively revised, the recession became clearly evident. Given the deterioration is credit, the rise in delinquencies and plunge in savings rates, the economic back drop is likely far weaker than headlines currently suggest. While Harvey may extend the current cycle for a little while longer, I would not get overly complacent with highly aggressive allocation models. Like I said, there is no free lunch."

The 4 Ways To Access Money For "Harvey" Repairs

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are going to linger for years, likely decades. According to the Consumer Federation of America, approximately 80% of those affected by flood damage do not carry flood insurance protection. If you have suffered damage and do not carry flood insurance or seek proceeds in addition to coverage, here are four options to consider.