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    04/01/2015 - 08:45
    Domestic energy production continues to increase despite the anticipated shale shakeout.  The precipitous decline in gasoline prices were welcomed by most but government exise tax revenue was in...

Reggie Middleton

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Using A Bitcoin Wallet To Take Inexpensive Positions On Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommended Global Macro Trades

First we discuss whether Goldman Is Giving Real Advice or Muppet Fodder, then we learn how to monetize our position on said Fodder... eh... Advice using just a bitcoin wallet and not Goldman itself.

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Bitcoin (and Apple) Mythbusting 101

Now that bitcoin has increased in price around 80% since the peak of doom and gloom, Flat Earth Society, can't see the forest due to tree bark blindness short-sightedness, it's time to bust some more Bitcoin myths and move on to what this stuff can really do.

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Payment Processors, Patents and a Dollop of Healthy Paranoia

Bitcoin's competitive environ is already prompting a race towards negative margin, and despite such VCs have dumped nearly $100 million in 3 companies in as many months. Here's what I see coming down the pike...

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Who Made More, Facebook VCs or Its Founder: The True Cost of the VC Preferred Stock Control Premium

So, I'm off to the races to raise money for UltraCoin, my uber-disruptive startup, and I come across the resistance of certain parties to take common stock. Now, the standard in the professional VC community is to take preferred stock with a stack of anti-dilutive measures, control premiums and liquidation preferences.

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So, It Seems Like That Andreesen Dude Might Actually Know What He's Talking About, But I'll Still Spill His Secrets

I got into a Twitter debate with Marc Andreesen of Netscape (the inventor of the commercial web browser) and Andreesen Horowitz (the VC fund that financed Facebook, Twitter, Skype & Zynga) fame.

He spit out what was mostly common sense, yet still flew in the face of what is taught in school, most text books and by most B school teachers. Here's how it went down...

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Google Reports & Reggie Middleton Wins CNBC Stock Draft 2nd time in a row, with the same stock

Google reported Thursday later afternoon and the early morning traders didn't know what to make of the numbers - with the stock gyrating up and down. The following day, CNBC's 2nd annual sitck draft stock picking contest ended. Guess what happened? For the impatient, I can put the video here...

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Google Hits All Time High As Apple Sinks Towards 2 yr Lows, plus 1.5 Hours of PURE Bitcoin analysis

That unpopular short Apple/long Google pair trade's still paying in spades. In addition, an hour and a half of nerd celebrity Bitcoin and crowdfuning equiy in startups.

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My SEC Warning Regarding RBS Prescient As Biggest Loss Since Crisis on Mortgages Provision

I predicted this clearly, with loads of evidence, last spring. I even tipped the SEC/UK authorities. Tthe chickens come home to roost. Let it be known, Wall Street's margin IS my business model!!!

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Reggie Middleton v Paul Krugman pt 2, Inflation, Bitcoin and the Alt.coins

I go at Krugman again for speaking about something of which he seems to understand relatively little about. I actually have some help this time around, though.

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Is The Old Guard About To Get Disintermediated By UltraCoin? Ask Carl Icahn & PayPal

UltraCoin -> PayPal -> Disintermediation -> Margin Compression -> Icahn -> Old School

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Enter UltraCoin: It Is To Banks As Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Is To The Music Industry

Fortune Magazine front page today: Middleton sounds a bit like an 18th-century pirate striking back against the Empire when he declares that "what I'm doing right now is a direct threat to fiat merchant banking."

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Bitcoin 2.0, aka Ultra Coin: Bitcoin's Derivative Layer That Allows The Virtual To Control Real Things

Basically, I'm building a more efficient financial system.

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