Regional Banks

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Top 10 Warning Signs of a Global Endgame

While conflicts within and with the Middle East region are still among the top global risks, the paradigm has definitively shifted to China and Europe.

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Crude Oil Market: A Perfect Bear Storm Despite the Euro Pop

A confluence of factors is forming a perfect storm for the oil market to face some major headwinds for the next 5 years. 

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Passing The Trash - Again

In banking, what goes agound comes around - again.

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Guest Post: Black Is White, Hedges Are Bets, And Your Money Is Mine

As we witness the riotous dissolution of corrupted capitalism, we need not wait for the history books to identify the mile markers of self-destruction. If we are to rebuild capitalism, even as it is tearing itself down, then we will need to become street-smart detectives in analyzing the current economic murder-suicide in progress. Every fall has its tell-tale confirmations and corrupt capitalism is no exception. There arrive key points where a system’s own contradictions become so evident and self-damaging, where motive, means, and opportunity become so clear, that one can mount an informed, effective counter-offensive.

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Graham Summers' Weekly Market Forecast (Do We Still Have Faith? Edition)


With that in mind, I sincerely doubt €100 billion is going to solve Spain’s problems. The whole bailout reeks of desperation. And it likely will have political and financial implications that will quickly render the benefits of this move moot. Of course, when you’re facing systemic collapse, you don’t have time to debate implications and consequences. But I highly doubt that this move will do much to address Spain’s true problems.

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Investor Sentiment: It's too Early to "BTFD"

If you "buy the f---ing dip" make sure you "sell the f---ing rip".

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Until This is Fixed... There Will Be No Recovery

In the US, we instead chose to undermine capitalism and the economic cycle. In the process we’ve undermined trust in the system. Until this is remedied there will be not REAL recovery.

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Nomura Skeptical On Bullish Consensus

Last week we heard from Nomura's bearded bear as Bob Janjuah restated his less-then-optimistic scenario for the global economy. Today his partner-in-crime, Kevin Gaynor, takes on the bullish consensus cognoscenti's three mutually supportive themes in his usual skeptical manner. While he respects the market's potential view that fundamentals, flow, valuation, and sentiment seem aligned for meaningful outperformance, it seems actual positioning does not reflect this (yet). Taking on each of the three bullish threads (EM policy shift as inflation slows, ECB has done and will do more QE, and US decoupling), the strategist teases out the reality and what is priced in as he does not see this as the March-2009-equivalent 'big-one' in rerisking (warranting concerns on chasing here).

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Regional Banks Shuck Off Downgrades, REITs Celebrate And Go Vertical

Another day where the problems of the PIIGS, gyrating interest rates, skyrocketing unemployment and vacancies, imploding housing starts, and other assorted ills are totally shucked off by the favored "must own" sectors: REITs, retail, and financials.

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Moody's Puts 23 US Regional Banks Financial Strength On Downgrade Review

Despite the market's earlier memo that its profit for Jan and Feb is up, Moody's is doing all it can to spoil the party: the rating agency just dropped a bank rating action neutron bomb. Moody's action is based on the expectation for higher credit losses than previously anticipated and banks ratings most likely to be affected are those with significant commercial real estate exposure, specifically construction and land development.

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