Frontrunning: June 2

  • Global stocks struggle as ECB and OPEC meetings loom (Reuters)
  • Iran Resists Saudi Gesture for Unity as OPEC Fractures Reappear (BBG)
  • Clinton to blast Trump on North Korea, NATO in foreign policy speech (Reuters)
  • Hillary Clinton Shifts to California as Race Tightens There (WSJ)
  • Puerto Rico’s U.S. Rescue Won’t Come Soon Enough to Halt Default (BBG)

Global Markets Flat, Coiled Ahead Of Today's Risk Events: OPEC And The ECB

There are just two drivers setting the pace for today's risk mood: the OPEC meeting in Vienna which started a few hours ago, and the ECB's announcement as well as Mario Draghi's press statement due out just one hour from now. Both are expected to not reveal any major surprises, with OPEC almost certainly unable to implement a production freeze while the ECB is expected to remain on hold and provide some more details on its corporate bond buying program, although there is some modest risk of upside surprise in either case.

"It's A Complete Mess" - New Voter Registration Law In Kansas Leaves Thousands Of Young Voters "Suspended"

A law in Kansas is creating chaos among voters, especially younger voters in the state. In 2013, Kansas passed a law that requires residents to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and if it isn't provided, the registration is put in suspense, leaving residents unable to vote. "It's created a system that is needlessly complex and very discouraging, particularly for young people. Now people just say 'forget it, I'm not going to vote'."

So, You Thought Slavery Was Dead? Think Again

Nearly 46 million human beings are subject to slavery, a new report released this week concluded. According to the third annual Global Slavery Index, which gathers and analyzes surveys conducted by Gallup, the number of people forced into “modern slavery,” or “human trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage or commercial sexual exploitation,” rose from 35.8 million to 45.8 million since 2014 — a 28 percent increase.

Is Obama's Entire Foreign Policy Going Down In Flames?

Is Obama’s entire foreign policy going down in flames? Or will the entire world end up burning? The NATO summit on July 8-9 this year will probably provide the best advance indication of which of those two will be the outcome from all this.

Gundlach Was Right About The Short Squeeze; Warns Of "Massive Anxiety" About The Market

Gundlach said the S&P 500 Index has been struggling to reach and stay above 2,100, mirroring the slowish growth in the United States. "It's like people think that the Fed has this super-secret information about how strong the economy is about to become or that the economy is about to become smoking hot." Gundlach added: "The S&P 500 has exhibited declining highs for over a year, with two big drawdowns. This is 'dead money' with massive anxiety."

Moments After Market Close, UAE Oil Minister Kills Hope Of OPEC Production Freeze

Earlier today, when Reuters quoted "sources" that OPEC may consider a new oil output ceiling, a recurring headline meant simply to spark algo-driven buying (which it did), we said that the "most likely next step: a denial from other "sources." That is precisely what happened moments ago when with hours until the OPEC meeting in Vienna, the UAE oil minister said there will be no oil freeze.

Murder-Suicide Kills Two At UCLA

Police said there were two shooting victims on UCLA's campus Wednesday but did not specify if the victims had been killed or injured.