Rosenberg Reappears

And this time under a much more hospitable master. Dear Merrill - peace; the only thing Zero Hedge needs from you at this point is more documented REIT upgrades... And maybe the reason for Sakwa's departure. Amazing how much less rosier Rosie's reality is when you don't have green shoots breathing over your shoulder.

Goodbye David Rosenberg

One of the few sane voices in the desert has left the (Merrill Lynch) building. David Rosenberg, on his way out, leaves everyone with an economist's dozen of rules to remember.

David, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Rosie's rules to remember:

1) In order for an economic forecast to be relevant, it must be combined with a market call.

2) Never be a slave to the data – they are no substitute for astute observation of the big picture.