Russell 2000

The Seven Questions Goldman's Clients Have About "Rational Exuberance"

While most of Goldman's clients agree with the firm's bullish 2018 S&P forecast - of course they do: it is Goldman's job to tell them what they want to hear - they have questioned several of David Kostin "Rational Exuberance" views. Below the bank addresses the seven most common investor questions.

The 12-Point List To Identify Value Traps

Simply put, the value side of the US equity market seems littered with traps. It’s not just GE. It is clearly a minefield out there in value land.

Dollar Rebounds, Futures Rise Ahead Of Surge In Payrolls

One day after the dollar slumped sharply on initial disappointment with the GOP tax plan, the greenback has rebounded ahead of a nonfarm payrolls report that is expected to show the US economy gained over 300,000 jobs in the post-hurricane rebound, and as investors reassessed the latest news on U.S. tax-cut plans. Stocks in Europe and Asia advanced, US equity futures were as usual in the green,

Small-Caps Seeing Historic Squeeze

There has only been one trading range in the history of the Russell 2000 tighter than the current one – and it immediately preceded a crash...