Russell 2000

European Rally Fizzles, S&P Futures Turn Red As USDJPY Slides, Bunds Strongly Bid

What started off in familiar fashion, with Asian stocks rising, and Europe hitting multi-month highs and US futures in record territory has stumbled in recent minutes following a continued rush for safety in short-dated German Bunds (the 2Y is now trading at -0.92%) and ongoing selling in the USDJPY, which has pushed Stoxx 600 back to unchanged, and S&P futures to modestly red for the session.

Futures, European Shares Stumble After Massively Overbought World Stocks Hit Record High

Whether it is due to overnight news that much of the recent rally may have been due to one specific fund's cover of a synthetic "short SPY" trade, or just because algo traders have gotten a case of overbought robotic vertigo, S&P futures dropped 0.2% in early Thursday trading as risk appetite fizzled and European shares dropped on concern the longest rally since July 2015 went too far, while the yen, bonds and gold advanced as the dollar fell.

Global Stocks Hit 21 Month Highs, Futures Point To New Record Ahead Of Inflation Data

The global "risk on" melt-up continues. After a modestly hawkish Yellen warned that every meeting is live, and refused to take March off the table, sending the dollar and yield higher and the S&P to fresh record highs, world stocks rose hitting a 21-month high on Wednesday with the dollar rising for the 11th straight day, the longest positive streak since July 2015.

Has The "Fade The Trump Trade" Ended?

Whether it was long Russell 2000 futures, short bonds, long US dollar or short gold, most market participants are busy extrapolating the violent market moves months into the future. You're deemed an idiot if you don’t buy into the “Trump will fix everything” mantra...

Small Cap Stocks 'Relative Risk' Soars Near 11-Year Highs

Since President Trump's election, Small Cap Russell 2000 stocks have outperformed (almost double the S&P 500). However, those gains have come at a cost - the price to protect against Small Cap stock losses relative to S&P 500 stocks is near its highest since 2006.