Russell 2000

Global Stocks Hit 21 Month Highs, Futures Point To New Record Ahead Of Inflation Data

The global "risk on" melt-up continues. After a modestly hawkish Yellen warned that every meeting is live, and refused to take March off the table, sending the dollar and yield higher and the S&P to fresh record highs, world stocks rose hitting a 21-month high on Wednesday with the dollar rising for the 11th straight day, the longest positive streak since July 2015.

Has The "Fade The Trump Trade" Ended?

Whether it was long Russell 2000 futures, short bonds, long US dollar or short gold, most market participants are busy extrapolating the violent market moves months into the future. You're deemed an idiot if you don’t buy into the “Trump will fix everything” mantra...

Small Cap Stocks 'Relative Risk' Soars Near 11-Year Highs

Since President Trump's election, Small Cap Russell 2000 stocks have outperformed (almost double the S&P 500). However, those gains have come at a cost - the price to protect against Small Cap stock losses relative to S&P 500 stocks is near its highest since 2006.

How Hedge Funds Closed Out 2016, And Why Hopes For A 2017 Rebound May Disappoint

In recent weeks there has been a burst of hope that 2017 will be better for hedge funds as a result of the recent collapse in cross-asset correlation; it is hoped that the resulting returns dispersion would make it easier for hedge funds to stand out in a world in which correlation had been at near record highs. But is that an accurate description of events?  To a great extent, the answer is no.