Same Store Sales

Consumption Exhaustion

"Despite policymakers’ lack of regard for this burden, it is important to keep in mind that, as debt accumulates and consumers become less capable of repaying those debts, deleveraging ensues. This means that households will become unable to sustain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Whether debts will be resolved through repayment or default, economic progress will falter."

Sears Same-Store Sales Plunge 11.5%; To Close Another 28 Stores

Near insolvent retailer Sears Holdings reported another quarterly loss, with same store sales plunging in Q2 more than expected while margins were hit as the company offered more discounts amid intense industry competition. The company blamed a "retail environment that remained challenging, with continued softness in store traffic and elevated price competition."

"Technology Is Replacing Brains As Well As Brawn" - Challenging The 'Official' Automation Narrative (& Social Order)

...even if the academics are right and new high-skill jobs emerge to replace the ones that are being automated away, huge disruptions would still await. Large portions of the global workforce would still need retraining. And if work becomes a luxury, widespread joblessness and greater inequality could make it increasingly more difficult for the government to maintain social order.

Sears Canada Announces Bankruptcy; Fires 2,900

It's official - the US 'retail apocalypse' has moved north as Sears Canada (and some of its subsidiaries) have applied to Ontario Superior Court of Justice for protection under the companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), in order to continue to restructure its business.

Worst Restaurant Tailspin Since 2009/2010 Crushes Lower End

"The last time the industry experienced a similar period was in 2009 and the first half of 2010," reported the TDn2K restaurant report in March; the April data was even worse as "the rising household debt load is likely to suppress consumption, including eating out."

Shake Shack Plunges To Record Low As Store Growth Unexpectedly Reverses

The reason why the stock just plunged to all time lows, is that the "growth story" is now in tatters, because in addition to everything else, SHAK also reported that same store sales declined 2.5%, far below the +0.2% estimate, and the first negative print since the company went public.

A Critical Week For Markets Begins: Preview Of The Main Events

A pivotal, catalyst-filled week for global markets is now underway as investors brace for the second US interest rate hike in 2 quarter, a Dutch election, the expiration of the US debt ceiling deal, the imminent invoking of Article 50 by Theresa May, the first G20 finance ministers' meeting of the Trump era and perhaps the disclosure of Trump's proposed budget.