Is This China's Minsky Moment?

"The global financial system is changing, and China is leading the way. Their moves will reverberate for years in the future. The Chinese authorities have just put up the warning flag, and you would be foolish to not believe it."

China Regulator Instructs Companies To Delay Bad Results Until After Congress

Shandong Minhe, which estimated a loss for the Jan.-Sept. period in an Oct. 13 filing, said on Sunday that it hasn’t finished checking the content of its earnings report and will postpone its release.  Shenzhen Hifuture, which also projected a Jan.-Sept. loss on Oct. 13, gave this explanation for a similar delay in a Sunday filing: “We have a lot on our plate to deal with.”

Xi's Roadmap To The Chinese Dream

China's Belt and Road Initiative - the New Silk Road - will spark the country's development and turn the dream into reality...

The 'Winners Of The New World' Redux

"This sort of 'it doesn’t matter what you pay for an asset' is the type of thinking that prevails at tops. The idea of a new paradigm also permeates market participants’ thinking..."

Globalization Is Poverty: "The Endgame Is Painfully Obvious"

"The world’s central bankers’ club is set to get new leadership soon... but there is no sign that the economic religions they adhere to will be replaced, it’ll be centralization all the way, and if that fails, more centralization...The endgame of that process is painfully obvious way in advance."

Global Markets Bounce As Germany, China, Spain Lift World Stocks, Turkey Crash Ignored

S&P futures rebounded and edged higher as European stocks gain, led by Spanish shares after mass demonstrations in favor of Spanish unity and speculation Catalonia may back down on unilateral independence demands, while Chinese mainland stocks reopened catching up to gains missed during the holiday week following last weekend's RRR cut.