Smart Money

The Real Message From The GDXJ Mess

"Maybe this GDXJ problem is the shot across of the bow. Maybe Grant Williams’ theory about how little it will take to move this market is starting to come true. There is precious little room for everyone in the gold boat."

This One Trade Changed 400 Years Of History In Just Four Hours

On September 7, 2016, Barclays facilitated a $100,000 trade of cheese and butter between Irish food company Ornua and the Seychelles Trading Company. This small trade will be just as revolutionary as the first email sent. Here’s why...

Guess Who Isn't Buying The "Reflation" Trade

For all the talk of record (at least until recently) speculative Treasury shorts, rising inflation and a guaranteed selloff in long-dated debt - at least according to virtually every sellside desk on Wall Street - one group of investors is clearly on the other side of the trade: Wall Street itself.