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    09/16/2014 - 21:37
    What if it had gone differently? What if, six years ago, in the throes of the financial crisis, the political leaders in D.C. had decided that enough was enough, and they were going to seize the...
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    09/16/2014 - 12:16
    I have tons of good stuff to post, but this morning I'm feeling something like this...

Smart Money

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Outlook 2011 & the Next Decade: Is The Smart Money Right About China?

China has been ranked as the top growing country among the G20 since 2001 and is expected to retain that title for at least another five years. However, the news coming out of China for the past three months has not been good.

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Once Again the Smart Money Isn't So Smart

While this data point is of interest, I would always ask the question: why use something if it doesn't work?

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Smart Money Preparing For Sell Off Like Never Before

Zero Hedge readers already know that in the latest week the insider selling to buying ratio hit unprecedented levels. Obviously, corporate officers and insiders have decided to take advantage of the artificial wealth effect and bail, especially since it is still unclear whether capital gains taxes will be the same in the following year. However, it is not only insiders who see between the lines. As the following charts demonstrate, the smart money is now either bailing from the stock market in droves or hedging for a market crash like never before...

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Will The Real Smart Money Please Stand Up?

More insights from "smart money"....

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Investor Sentiment: Smart Money Turning Bearish

While not there yet, the indicators are heading in the direction that one would expect to see at a market top.

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