Smart Money

What Catalyst Will Start The Next Bear Market: Here Is Wall Street's Response

When BofA conducted its monthly Fund Managers' Survey, and asked what is the most likely bear market catalysts, the responses were as follows: "protectionism" = 34%, "higher rates" = 28%, "financial event" = 18%, "weaker EPS" = 15%. The "smart money" also said that the best protectionist investment is one: gold.

RBC: "It Is Crazy What Is Going On 'Under The Hood' When On The Surface It’s So Optically Calm"

"For over the last month watching our portfolio grind higher it feels like 10- to 20- some bps on the majority of days, which seems kinda sleepy... but when I look at the individual names I am seeing HUGE moves daily.  Both books at times are riddled with many stocks seeing 2 and 3 standard deviation is CRAZY what is going on “under the hood,” when on the index level, it’s so optically calm."