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These Are The Top 50 Hedge Fund Long And Short Positions

"The average hedge fund has returned +4% YTD, lagging the S&P 500 (+9%) for the eighth year in a row. The latest hedge fund and mutual fund  filings highlight Info Tech stocks as particularly vulnerable in terms of positioning"

Insider Stock Buying Drops To Lowest Level In Five Years

“The best-informed market participants seem unenthusiastic about U.S. stocks at current prices,” said David Santschi, chief executive officer at TrimTabs.  “Insider buying is running at the slowest pace for October in the past five years.”

Hedge Fund Managers Expect "Massive" Pay Cut In 2016

Portfolio managers at hedge funds, facing an exodus of investors frustrated with high fees, are about to feel the pain from an estimated 34 percent reduction in their compensation. “2016 should prove to be a belt-tightening year. This pessimistic viewpoint is justified, given the poor industry performance.”