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    02/11/2016 - 10:54
    Because so much is riding on what so few decide,once the faith in the Central Banks fail, the chances of us getting out of this diminish every second...

Technical Analysis

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"Buy High, Sell Low" - The Psychology Of Loss

The reality of loss will be more than most can stomach and sentiments of “time in the market” will go mostly unheeded. This is, of course, why many of the coveted millennial investors have already rejected much of the Wall Street rhetoric after watching the devastation that wrecked their parents over the last 15 years.

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Possible Silver U-Turn Report, 7 Feb, 2016

Wow, did the dollar move down this week! It dropped more than it has in quite a while. It fell 1.3mg gold, or 0.1g silver, but what happened to the fundamentals?

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The Best And Worst Performing Assets Of A Miserable January

As DB's Jim Reid points out, it was definitely not the easiest start to the year with many global equity markets suffering from their worst January in a post-Lehman world.

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"As Goes January"... What Happens When Bullish Seasonals Fail

November-January is the strongest consecutive 3-month period of the year. During this period, the S&P 500 is up 66.7% of the time with an average return of 3.35% going back to 1929. However, not this year.   Both the November-January & the January Barometer are flashing bearish signals for 2016.

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Ignore the technicals at your peril.....

Sometimes its difficult to see the forest for the trees........

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Silver Flash in the Pan, Report 10 Jan, 2016

Many were excited on Thursday to see a spike in the silver price. We were not quite so exuberant, and in 13 hours the market took back the entire move and more.

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Murphy’s Law of Gold Analysis, Report 3 Jan

This week, the gold-silver ratio promptly moved up +2.3%. As readers will recall, we have been calling for a ratio value over 80 for a while.

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Technical Analysis of the Corn Market

For example, the world population continues to grow, good farming land with proper soil management is a finite resource, and the world is going to need more food in the future.

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Currency Markets offer some of the Best Trading Opportunities

Imagine if Casinos told you in advance what the next card from the deck in a game of Blackjack was going to be?

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Supply and Demand Report 27 Dec, 2015

For a long time, we called for a big drop in the silver price. It stubbornly did not, or when it did drop it soon recovered. In the end, we were right and the silver bulls were wrong.

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Is This The Secret Behind Santa's Rally?

We exposed the ugly truth below the surface of Santa's rally yesterday, but today it just got even more fantastical...

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