US Administration Defends Its Right To Start Wars On A Whim

"The legislation - a writ for war without temporal or geographic limits - allows any president a boundless and unchecked ability to start wars. No checks and balances are in place. A strike can be delivered anywhere anytime without deliberations..."

Watch Live: Social Media Lawyers Explain To Politicians How 0.004% Of Traffic Swung The Election

Nearly two months after Facebook first confirmed that it had identified some 3,000 paid posts that had been clandestinely financed by purported Russia-linked troll farms, the companys' general counsel, Colin Stretch, and his counterparts at Twitter and Google, are heading down to the Hart Senate Office Building for a long-awaited hearing hosted by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on crime and terrorism.

Pat Buchanan Exposes "That Other Plot..." To Bring Down Trump

"Thus we have Free Beacon neocons, never-Trump Republicans, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, a British spy and comrades in Russian intelligence, and perhaps the FBI, all working with secret money and seedy individuals to destroy a candidate they could not defeat in a free election..."

Russian Content May Have Reached 126 Million Facebook Users, There Is Just One Catch

... having spent $100,000 on Facebook ads, and unleashed a troll army to wrote Facebook posts - which had a 0.004% change of being read - Putin then went for the kill, and assured himself a Trump presidency by splurging another $4,700 for Google ads and creating an additional 43 hours of video content. The rest is history.

Mueller Reportedly Ready To File First Charges In Russia Probe

Five months after Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tasked Robert Mueller with taking over the Justice Department investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, CNN is reporting that the first charges have been filed, and that arrests could be made in the coming days....