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FOMC Minutes Show Fed Fears Global Financial, Economic Risks, Tight Financial Conditions, China

Since the January FOMC statement, Janet has spoken twice and what seems like every Fed speaker has hit the headlines to explain their decisions (only to confuse the market more) leaving bonds and gold outperforming amid their clear confusion. The Minutes appear to confirm that confusion:


So The Fed was unanimous in its decision to leave rates unchanged, downgraded the economic outlook, and was fearful of the global financial volatility - which in the last 3 days has all been solved.

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S&P Futures Storm Above 1900, Europe Jumps Despite Gloomy Asian Session

It has been a morning session of two halves. In Asia, the mood was somber, and stocks fell with the Shanghai Composite (+1.1%) outperforming on another late session binge-fest by the National Team. The European session on the other hand surged higher and did not look back when the USDJPY proceeded to soar 100 pips from overnight lows, and push the Stoxx 600 +1.7% and US equity futures up with it, with the ES trading above 1900 as of this posting, adding to the best 2-day rally in the S&P in five months.

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Obama Starts Mid-East Nuke Race As Israel Says Gulf States Pursuing Bombs

"We see signs that countries in the Arab world are preparing to acquire nuclear weapons, that they are not willing to sit quietly with Iran on brink of a nuclear or atomic bomb."

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Too Many... Convenient Beliefs

People come to believe whatever they need to believe when they need to believe it. Recent studies of voting patterns confirm the obvious. Zombies vote for higher taxes. Cronies vote for lower taxes. All believe they are voting for matters of principle.

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Mario Draghi Says The ECB's QE Is Working: This Chart Says Otherwise

Is the ECB's QE working? Mario Draghi says yes, the facts say otherwise.

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Citi: "There Was Something About The Entire Recovery Narrative That Is Downright Wrong"

"Far from making the world safer, then, there is a risk that the post-crisis policy mix has simply suppressed problems, making markets stickier, and may even have added to them, by driving the global credit cycle far ahead of the current interest rate cycle. Recent market dislocations are a sign that that stickiness may be reaching breaking point. At this point we may start to question whether it can provide a similar solution this time round, not just because of the zero lower bound, but because the entire premise on which it has been based – inducing credit expansion and risk-taking in some other part of the global economy – seems to be reaching its limits."

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The Negative Mortgage Rate Program

Watching Ms. Yellen answer questions during the “Humphrey-Hawkins” testimony the last two days was painful. It is time to put the central bankers of the world in straight jackets and throw them into the cuckoo’s nest where they belong.

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Why Yellen's Testimony Screamed Danger

In response to questions that took issue with the Fed paying banks on excess reserves The Chair seemed not only defensive, but rather perplexed, as to why they were even questioning it to begin with. This line of questioning in my view opened up, and brought to light, the Pandora’s box of Keynesian insight and thought processes now emanating from the Fed. In fact, we're quite sure Ms. Yellen herself didn’t realize just how far she threw the lid open.

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The Double Fallacy Recovery - The Fed's Central Planning Is Destroying Capitalism

Economists keep claiming economic recovery fulfilled, and yet it is found nowhere other than the BLS... and it is certainly not the view of funding and credit markets. In answering why economists and policymakers would throw out the vast and growing volume of especially market-based contradictions to their preferred labor view, we only have to note that this is an existential question for them.

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This Is What Central Bank Failure Looks Like (Part 3)

First, it was The BoJ's utter collapse from omnipotence to impotence. Then came the collapse of The Fed's credibility in the short-term. And now, in the most egregious example of total central bank failure - the 'market' has priced out any chance of a rate hike through 2018... and in fact, there is now a greater chance of a rate-cut (than rate-hike) into 2017.

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Yellen Explains To The Senate Why She Isn't "Dovish Enough" - Live Webcast

Following remarks that are identical to those from yesterday, today Yellen will conclude her semi-annual testimony, this time by presenting her vision about the economy and the path of future rate hikes to the Senate Banking Committee. Surprises, if any, will come during the Q&A.

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A Detailed Look At This Morning's Major Market Moves

Here is, courtesy of Nanex, a forensic market-level look at the key events that took place so far this morning:

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