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BofA: "The Sense Of Calm Which Had Descended On Markets Has Come To An Abrupt End"

"This time it has been the USD which has been the focal point. Investors continue to rotate through a vicious circle of concerns on China, commodities and US growth and with a still large long position, further near-term USD losses are likely as broader US data momentum remains weak."

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German Spy Chief Says ISIS Operatives Have Infiltrated Europe Disguised As Refugees

A day after German authorities arrested three men in connection with a planned terrorist attack on Berlin, Germany's intelligence chief warns that ISIS fighters are hiding among the 1.1 million refugees the country took in 2015. "We have repeatedly seen that terrorists have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees," he says. “This is a fact that the security agencies are facing.”

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Even With the Market Rolling Over, This Is What Bears Are Worried About

With faith in "growth" faltering and the momo leaders rolling over, there are still worries for the bears in the intermediate term...

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Hilsenrath's Take: March Rate Hike In Limbo, But "Fed Was Expecting A Slowdown"

Just days after Fed whisperer Goldman Sachs made its first (of many) revisions to its Fed rate hike schedule, and no longer expects a March rate hike (if still somehow seeing 3 rate hikes in 2016), moments ago Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath reiterated the Fed's latest favorite catchphrase - that would be "watchfully waiting" for those who haven't paid attention - , and said that today's jobs report leave the Fed in limbo when it comes to the March rate hike decision. More importantly perhaps he adds that "Fed officials were expecting a slowdown." However, when one adds the 105,000 in prior month revisions, was is this big?

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Futures Unchanged, Global Stock Algos Anemic Ahead Of U.S. Payrolls Report

US futures were largely unchanged overnight, with a modest bounce after the European close driven by a feeble attempt to push oil higher, faded quickly and as of this moment the E-mini was hugging the flatline ahead of today's main event - the January payrolls, expected to print at 190K and 5.0% unemployment, however the whisper number - that required to push stocks higher - is well lower, at 150K (according to DB), as only a bad (in fact very bad) jobs number today will cement the Fed's relent and assure no more rate hikes in 2016 as the market now largely expects.

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JPM: "The Backdrop Remains The Same: Sell Rallies Toward 1950"

Yesterday we reported that following a spike in calls by the sellside to "sell the rally", hedge funds did just that and according to BofA client data, hedge funds dumped the most shares in the past week in two years.  Today, JPM's Adam Crisafulli repeats the firm's now default call for 2016, noting that "the bigger picture backdrop for the market remains the same."

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Abenomics Architect Resigns Amid Corruption, Bribery Allegations

"I worked without sleep or rest. After Prime Minister Abe put my self at the helm of Abenomics, I put my life on the line for my national duty over the past three years."

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Futures Slide On Apple Disappointment, Oil Slumps Ahead Of Fed Decision

"Nobody is really sure where we go from here, and nobody is brave enough to make the call,” Peter Dixon, Commerzbank AG’s global equities economist in London told Bloomberg. “Corporate earnings season won’t provide much of a support - markets may find a floor if the Fed is extremely dovish tonight. At least investors will have time to think and reassess valuations."

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Until Today, I Assumed Putin’s Russia Killed Litvinenko … Then I Looked for Myself

Billionaires and Arm's Smugglers and  Blackmail Schemes ... Oh My!

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Central Banks Have "Over-Promised" What Can Actually Be Delivered

Markets need to retreat from dependency on central bank stimulus which they falsely believe provides the magical elixir that fixes all economic and financial market woes.

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Why This Slump Has Legs

There may be shallow lulls in the asset markets, nothing ever only falls down in a straight line in the real world, but the debt will and must come down and be deleveraged. The process will in all likelihood lead to warfare, and to refugee movements the likes of which the world has never seen just because of the sheer humbers of people added in the past 50 years. When your children reach your age, they will not live in a world that you ever thought was possible. But they will still have to live in it, and deal with it. They will no longer have the facade you’ve been staring at for so long now, to lull them into a complacent sleep. And the Kardashians will no longer be looking so attractive either.

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The Company Behind LA's Methane Disaster Knew Its Well Was Leaking 24 Years Ago

Last fall, a 7-inch injection well pipe ruptured 500 feet below the surface of Aliso Conayon in Los Angeles, after ferrying natural gas for six decades. The resulting methane leak is now being called one of the largest environmental disasters since the BP oil spill, has pushed thousands of people out of their homes, and has quickly become the single biggest contributor to climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions in California. But it's not the first time this well sprang a leak - and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), which owns and operates the well, knew it.

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German Biker Gangs Attack Foreigners In Migrant "Manhunts"

"Bikers, hooligans, and bouncers" - oh my! It's vigilante justice time in Cologne, where "gangs" of angry Germans organized a "human hunt" on Facebook before attacking a group of Pakistanis in the city center.

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