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    Peering in from the outside or through the looking glass at what’s going down on the other side is always a distortion of reality. We sit here in the west looking at the development, the changes and...

Timothy Geithner

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Is Race Baiting Now an Official Policy Tool of US Bankers?

When the momentum of the masses gravitates toward the truth, those that desire to suppress it have always resorted to smoke and mirrors to divert the people’s attention away from the truth and to channel their focus into avenues that waste their energies.


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Today's Economic Data Highlights - ADP, POMO

A couple of readings on the jobs report following the latest weekly reading on mortgage applications, then Secretary Geithner… Of course, the only relevant thing is that the Fed will inject another $2 billion of high beta stock purchasing power via today's second consecutive POMO.


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Larry Summers Said To Leave White House In Two Months

And then there was one, even if it was a TurboTax One. Bloomberg headlines flashing that Larry Summers is dunzo in November. He follows such other economic failures as Romer and Orszag, both of whom left the economy in a far more horrendous state than they found it. We wish godspeed to Larry, and hope he managed to get thick windows in the limo that will take him to his next private sector job, presumably somewhere above the 40th floor in 200 West.


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Today's Economic Data Highlights

Lots going on today – PPI, claims, current account balance, TICS, Philly Fed, and some FX testimony…


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Today's Economic Data Highlights: Geithner To Welcome More To The Recovery, And The Budget Balance

Nothing on the economic front, just Tim Geithner speaking and the budget balance…


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In Advance Of Tomorrow's "Future Of Housing Finance" Kabuki Theater; Or Why The GSE Zombies Will Suck The US Middle Class Dry Forever, Amen

Tomorrow, a variety of luminaries, such as Bill Gross and Mark Zandi, will be panelists in a worthless and futile spectacle titled "Conference on the Future of Housing Finance" which has the aim of doing something or another to extend and pretend the ticking timebomb that are the bankrupt GSEs. It will most certainly succeed in that regard. What it will definitely fail at, is to provide some resolution to the $7 trillion mortgage "holding" problem, which incidentally was the first domino to fall in 2008, which just so happened nearly took down western-style capitalism with it (and morbidly, it should have: the result would have been a system infinitely better). Yet as we prepare for this hearing (and try to track down Mr. Gross' testimony to validate his previous statement that absent an implicit government guarantee he would buy MBS/Agency securities only with 30% down), here is another view, this one from none other than Edward Pinto, who himself was an executive vice president and chief credit officer at Fannie Mae in the late 1980s. As Pinto says, echoing the previous high dB statements by Rick Santelli, "We'll never get a rational mortgage system until the government's affordable housing mandates are ended." We couldn't agree more.


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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: The Triumph of Crony Capitalism (Part 1)

Until I began to examine the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill I had no idea that it would so significantly change the direction of the United States. It's scope is so vast and pervasive that it is difficult to grasp its totality. I wrote this article to try to explain this and why I believe it is so important for us to understand it. Because of its complexity it was not possible to do this briefly, so I wrote this major "white paper" and divided it into four parts to make it easier to digest. Please stick with me for the next four days; your eyes will be opened.


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Forget Instarefi: Here Comes Instaloanforgiveness

As if the main rumor of the prior week, that the government was going to automatically push rates on all mortgages down to market rates (which as of today hit a fresh record low of 4.49%) was not enough, today James Pethokoukis reports that the latest iteration in the "let's make Fannie and Freddie broker than ever" rumor mill is that the "Obama administration is about to order government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt of millions of Americans who owe more than what their homes are worth." As readers will recall, we highlighted a few days ago that the number of underwater mortgages is at least 14.7 million (and likely far more), and amounts to just about $770 Billion in underwater equity. In other words, if the rumor is true, the US taxpayers are about to subsidze over three quarters of a trillion in underwater equity (and bail out banks on the hook for over $2 trillion in impaired debt). There is no indication if the "instarefi" plan contemplated by Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch has been scrapped, but what is certain is that the two plans target two very distinct beneficiary groups: the former plan would mostly benefit middle and upper class mortgage holders who are likely preoccupied to bother with a 200-300 bps refi differential. The loan absolution plan, on the other hand, focuses squarely on the poorest 15 million US households of society. While it is distinctly possible that Obama, in all his economic lunacy, will pass both plans, his advisors have likely done the math and are now convinced which way the negative IRR to the taxpayer will be greater: that is certainly the plan that will be undertaken.


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Guest Post: Destined to Fail – Magical Thinking at the G20

The G20 meeting has revealed two important things that tell us something about our combined economic future. First we learned that the US lost the battle to try to get everyone back on the Keynesian print-a-thon bandwagon. This tells us something about US leadership in these troubled times. Once-upon-a-time, the US could dictate such things, and those days are apparently over which deserves to be noted. The second thing we learned is that, despite these differences in how to fund future growth, there is nothing yet to indicate that any the world leaders are aware that the very concept of perpetual growth is an unworkable fallacy. It’s obvious, hopefully to even the most casual of thinkers, that someday, sooner or later, whatever growth one is engaged in will have to stop. Nothing grows forever; everything has a limit.


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Geithner Urges Europe To Repeat US Stress Test Fraud To Restore "Confidence" In Insolvent Ponzi System

A few days ago we wondered if Tim Geithner was a pathological liar, an idiot or just confused. Today we may be one step closer to getting the answer. In an unprecedented gesture of magnanimity, also known as an expression of the US banking cartel's control over the world, the Treasury Secretary will advise Europe to conduct the same sham exercise in fraud and lies, as America did when it conducted its own Stress test, which found that all US banks are perfectly solvent (as long as they all have direct access to the Fed printing press). Geithner's thinking is that once Europe also "realizes" that each and every bank is "perfectly viable" despite all the evidence to the contrary, that investors will say "boy, we sure look like idiots being worried, when the very credible EU itself says everything is fine." Of course, this is the opposite of what will happen. It does, however, bring questions to the legitimacy of our own stress test, which as everyone knows was a well-engineered goal seeked sham designed to do nothing but to also fool investors into a false sense of calm that the ponzi still has some life in it.


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Welcome To The Banana Republic: GM In Hot Water With FTC Over Misleading "Repaid Bailout" Ad When All Just TARP Shuffle

We are too busy maxing out our credit cards buying AAPL shares after hours into the parabolic blow out (using Sigma X of course, how else could we subpenny front run our own orders?), stacks of Kindles, 7th vacation homes with negative equity, and LBOing zero EBITDA companies to comment on this, suffice to say that if you ever needed confirmation that America is a banana republic in which fraud, corruption and lies are now the norm, here you go: Government Motors is now blatantly lying to its existing and future buyers, and everyone in the administration is complicit.


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Guest Post: Obama's Speech: The Good, The Bad and The Missing

The Good: The president had strong language for backing real derivative reforms.

The Bad: Vague language about the "Volcker rule" will not stop Too Big To Fail; but a plan like this (or even one like this) for breaking up the current mega-banks and limiting their liabilities will.

The Missing: NONE of this matters while our cops still work for the crooks.

Dylan Ratigan


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A Patriot's Day Call To Arms

"Mr. President, please show the American people the AIG emails. In the wake of the disclosures associated with Friday's government fraud accusations against Goldman, Sachs & Co., one of our nation's wealthiest, largest and most politically well-connected banks, it is inexcusable the U.S. government still refuses to release the thousands of emails that exist between AIG and Goldman Sachs. Unlike the Icelandic volcano, this was no natural disaster. Trillions of dollars have been defrauded from the U.S. taxpayer by a banking scam run by the top 1% of our country." - Dylan Ratigan


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