"I've Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags"

"If they’re going to get us locked down and propagandized into their vapid brain boxes, this will be how they’ll do it. Not by government censorship, but by corporate censorship. Government can’t make an overt attempt to stop a dissenting voice from speaking, but the corporations who own the venue of their speech can."

Stockman: US Entry Into World War I Was A Disaster

"103 years ago, in 1914, the Federal Reserve opened-up for business as the carnage in northern France was getting under way... And it brought to a close the prior magnificent half-century era of liberal internationalism and honest gold-backed money."

Mass Shootings, Mass Psychology, And Self-Defense

"For those with a decent long-term memory, you may have noticed that the frequency of attacks and tragedies taking place today around the world is far above and beyond what occurred 10 years ago. So much so that many in the public have moved beyond the point of outrage and have now embraced complacency."

America Cracks Up: The Anatomy Of A National Nervous Breakdown

"The government’s answer, as always, will lead us further down the road we’ve travelled since 9/11 towards totalitarianism and away from freedom...As we have learned the hard way, the phantom promise of safety in exchange for restricted or regulated liberty is a false, misguided doctrine that has no basis in the truth."

Brandon Smith: How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings

"...if the American public does not pursue alternative solutions and take tactical realities into account, then the only other option will be government interference on a scale that will promote totalitarianism in the name of safety..."

Catalan Independence: Why The Collective Hates It When People Walk Away

"The most rational solution would be for the Spanish government to accept the Catalan vote... You see, this is a lose/lose scenario for Spain, all because the collectivist doctrine demands a jackbooted reaction to any movement for decentralization... The only people who benefit from stopping these movements are globalists/collectivists."

Brandon Smith Rages: "NFL Players Have A First Amendment Right To Act Like Little Bitches"

"If you are going to use race and social inequality as a crux for your theatrical displays of 'defiance' as you are cashing checks for millions in sponsorship deals paid for primarily by white people, then I think you will find most of America laughing at you in the end...understand that you have delusions of grandeur. You are NOT Jesse Owens proving your worth in the face of Hitler's Aryan dystopia..."

The Danger Of Patriotism

"The phony form of patriotism instilled within the population is strong leverage against independent thinking, keeping people ignorant of the treason by our own government...One can love his country but hate his government and its actions..."

Ideology As Addiction

Ideological purity is a dangerous addiction: the world is an inherently messy, dynamic environment and the ease of all-or-nothing certainty leads to catastrophic failure when all-or-nothing purity is imposed on a world that is complex rather than simplistic.

"The Goolag Echopeligo"

"Repression is when you get shot for telling the truth. Totalitarianism is when you get shot for asking questions. We’re reaching the point where questions cannot be asked, and all sorts of energy is expended maintaining the fantasy that men and women are not different, that gender itself is merely a matter of choice and can even vary day-to-day. We’re running into evolutionary dead ends."