A Voice In The Wilderness?

"History is replete with the tales of empires that sought to gobble up the world - to subject all people to the whims and dictates of one central government. Never has this been truer than today, when so many American leaders have touted the supposed necessity of a “One World Government” or “New World Order” in which the US reigns supreme."

Georgia Confirms Homeland Security Attempted To Hack Election Database 10 Separate Times

Georgia's Secretary of State has now confirmed that its election systems were the subject of cyberattacks on 10 separate occasions with each attack originating from a Department of Homeland Security IP address.  With each attack occurring around critical registration and voting deadlines, GA's Secretary of State said "It makes you wonder if somebody was trying to prove a point."

Bankers To Fed: Stop Riding The Asset Bubble And Raise Rates Already

"If rate normalization happens in a steady and more predictable approach, the economy can incorporate this change in rates and psychology and make investment decisions based on the best allocation of capital to productive sources versus riding the asset bubble being generated by the easy-money policies around the globe."

China Warns "Peace Will Be Impacted" If Trump Violates "One China", Installs Weapons On Disputed Islands

"Upholding the 'one China' principle is the political basis of developing China-U.S. relations, and is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," said An Fengshan, a spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office. "Upholding the 'one China' principle is the political basis of developing China-U.S. relations, and is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait."

Canadian National Railway: The Great Railroad Construction Robbery

Canadian National Railway Company Inc. is an icon of the Canadian economic firmament whose rapid growth and sector-leading efficiency have made it a money-manager darling. A lengthy SIRF investigation suggests that a fair chunk of that growth has come from price gouging and misleading a key, taxpayer-funded commuter rail customer.

Trump Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State

In a move that is certain to infuriate those who see Trump as nothing more than a puppet of the Kremlin, moments ago NBC reported that Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil and late entrant into the SecState race, will be picked by Trump to serve as his next Secretary of State.

The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda

Bogus news stories did flood social media throughout the campaign, and the hack of the Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s e-mail seems likely to have been the work of Russian intelligence services. But, as harmful as these phenomena might be, the prospect of legitimate dissenting voices being labelled fake news or Russian propaganda by mysterious groups of ex-government employees, with the help of a national newspaper, is even scarier.