Treasury Department

Government By Goldman

" Cohn’s in charge of the economy and talking about eliminating financial reform and basically putting the country back to where it was in 2005, as if 2008 didn’t happen. I’ve started the countdown clock to the next financial crash, which will make the last one look mild."

The Real Story Behind America's New $20 Trillion Debt

"The national debt is now $20.1 trillion. That’s larger than the size of the entire US economy... but, the real story isn’t the number or the size of the debt itself. It’s the trend. And it’s not good."

Pelosi And Schumer Offer 3-Month Debt Ceiling Deal, Ryan Quickly Dismisses As "Unworkable"

After weeks of speculation on how/if a debt ceiling increase might come to a fruition before, or possibly after, the Treasury department runs out of cash, the latest reports from Washington DC seemingly suggest that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi may step in to save the day for a divided Republican Party that can't seem to get out of its own way.

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill, Slams It As "Flawed"

After several days of delays, which prompted speculation among politicians and the media why the White House is dragging its feet on the issue and was the topic of several questions during Rex Tillerson's Tuesday media press conference, moments ago the Donald Trump officially signed the Russian Sanctions bill:

Frontrunning: August 1

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