Is There A Coup Attempt Underway In America?

"...don’t fool yourself into thinking this is OK or even tolerable. The bottom line is that we have some very powerful people in Washington who really don’t like how democracy played out this time around and what they do to attack it next isn’t going to be any better than what they’re doing now."

Frontrunning: May 18

  • FBI’s Russia Probe Gains Credibility With Mueller In Charge (BBG)
  • Trump storm hits stocks again but dollar steadies (Reuters)
  • Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed – after being paid as its agent (McClatchy)
  • Kremlin declines to comment on probe of Trump ties with Russia (Reuters)
  • Trump To Announce $350bn Saudi Arabia Arms Deal – One Of Largest Ever (Ind)

As Trump Heads To MidEast, Is His Plan Finally Becoming Clear?

The first stage of U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to restore America’s former dominance as a manufacturing country will be announced this coming weekend in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and Washington DC, but its outlines are now already more than clear.

President Trump And Turkish President Erdogan Deliver Joint Statement: Live Feed

With relations between Turkey and the US suffering sharp recent deterioration, especially following tensions over the treatment of Kurdish militia in Syria, the strategy to eliminate ISIS, what role Syria's president Assad  would have in the future of the middle east, and especially after Erdogan effectively declared himself quasi-dictator, many were looking forward with interest to today's joint statement between the two presidents.

Michael Flynn Subpoeanad By Senate Intel Committee

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today issued a subpoena for former National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. The subpoena requests documents relevant to the Committee's investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election.