Turkey Arrests Shooter Of Parachuting Russian Pilot

Alparslan Celik, the man suspected of shooting a Russian pilot as he parachuted from a downed jet over Syria, has finally been arrested by Turkish police in the city of Izmir and is being questioned, Hurriyet newspaper reports. According to Bloomberg, Celik was detained while at a restaurant in the city on Turkey’s Aegean coast; 14 others also detained.

The End Of Europe As We Know It?

Amid secular stagnation, the Eurozone's old fiscal, monetary and banking challenges are escalating, along with new threats, including the Brexit, demise of Schengen, anti-EU opposition and geopolitical friction. Brussels can no longer avoid hard political decisions for or against an integrated Europe, with or without the euro.

Lessons From Brussels - America Should Get Out Of The Middle East

For us here in America, the lessons of the European tragedy are there to be learned. There is only one solution to the problem of terrorism and it doesn’t involve going abroad in search of monsters to destroy. The point is to make sure those monsters never reach our shores. It’s too late for the Europeans, who are now forced to sleep in the bed they so assiduously made. It isn’t too late for America: we can learn the lesson of Brussels if only we have the will to do so.

Could There Be A Coup In Turkey?

"Even members of Erdogan's ruling party whisper about his increasing paranoia which, according to some Turkish officials, has gotten so bad that he seeks to install anti-aircraft missiles at his palace to prevent airborne men-in-black from targeting him in a snatch-and-grab operation."

Presenting The Complete Global Currency Swirlogram

Efforts to make sense of why various FX crosses trade like they do these days are complicated immeasurably by the ongoing global currency wars and an EM complex that's plagued by fear of a strong USD and a long list of idiosyncratic domestic factors. For those interested in a 30,000 foot view of what's overvalued and what's not, here's Deutsche Bank's take.