Iran Sends 2 Warships To Oman, Flies Food To Qatar

If there was any confusion on which side of the Qatar crisis Iran found itself, it was swept away today after Iran's Tasnim news, cited by Turkey's Anadolu Agency, reported that Iran plans to send two warships to Oman on Sunday, while sending four cargo planes of food to Qatar and plans to provide 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetable every day.

In "Major Escalation", Syrian Drone Attacks US-Coalition Forces

The United States shot down a pro-Syrian government drone that fired toward U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria on Thursday in what the Pentagon dubbed "a major escalation of tensions between Washington and troops supporting Damascus." It was the first known time that pro-Syrian government forces had fired at coalition forces in that region.

Qatar Puts Military On Highest State Of Alert Over Fears Of Imminent Incursion

US officials have said they have observed increased Qatari military activity as the country placed its forces "on the highest state of alert" over fears of an imminent military incursion. The Qatari Ministry of Defense reportedly also sent a letter to Saudi, UAE and Bahraini governments, saying they would fire on any naval ships from those countries that enter into its waters.

Syria's Cauldron: One Step Away from Major Showdown

While the world’s attention is focused on the Arab rift with Qatar isolated by a number of Saudi-led states, the situation in Syria is nearing conflict to nullify the achievements of the Astana and Geneva peace efforts. The ingathering of major forces in this part of Syria is ominous.

North Korea Fires Multiple Ballistic Missiles

The day before "Berserker Thursday" with its UK elections, Comey testimony and the ECB decision, was supposed to be quiet. Instead we had the first domestic Iran terrorism in decades, rising Qatar crisis tensions, the biggest crude crash in months, Germany pulling out of Turkey and stocks of course finishing the day higher. And now, to top it all off, moments ago North Korea fired multiple ballistic missiles.

NATO Cracks: Germany Withdraws Troops From Turkey's Incirlik Airbase

The German Cabinet officially backed the withdrawal of German troops from Incirlik air base in Southern Turkey, following a bitter diplomatic spat between Berlin and Ankara in which the latter refusal to allow German lawmakers access to its soldiers there.

Turkey Approves Bill Allowing Troop Deployment To Qatar

Turkey's parliament will fast-track a bill on Wednesday allowing its troops to be deployed to a Turkish military base in Qatar, officials from the ruling AK Party and the nationalist opposition said, according to Reuters.

Facebook's Little Ethics Problem

"Ironically, the same social media which empowers religious minorities is susceptible to abuse by religious fundamentalists to enforce what are essentially the equivalent of online blasphemy laws."

Partitioning Syria: Oil, Gas, And Peace

It’s the 101st anniversary of the Sykes–Picot Agreement and, in light of the non-stop Syrian Civil War, it’s time to ask, “How’s that working out for you?”

Frontrunning: June 6

  • Kuwait’s Emir Moves to Mediate Saudi-Qatar Crisis (BBG)
  • Qatari riyal under pressure as Saudi, UAE banks delay Qatar deals (Reuters)
  • Qatar's dispute with Arab states puts LNG market on edge (Reuters)
  • Trump seeks legislative wins as clock ticks, Russia probe looms (Reuters)
  • Democrats aim to turn anti-Trump sentiment into votes in Virginia (Reuters)

Third London Terrorist Named As 22-Year-Old Youssef Zaghba

British police on Tuesday named the third London Bridge attacker as Youssef Zaghba, a 22-year-old Italian of Moroccan descent who lived in East London. Reports said Zaghba, who was born in Fez in 1995, attempted to fly to Turkey and travel onwards to Syria last year but was stopped at Bologna airport.