Russia & India More Confident In Trump Than Merkel At G-20

When it comes to leadership at the G20, most countries are casting their eyes towards Angela Merkel.  That pattern is repeated across the board, though Russia and India are notable exceptions with majorites in both nations having more faith in Trump's global leadership.

Trump, Putin To Hold First Meeting On Friday

US President Trump will hold his first "full fledged" meeting with Russian President Putin on Friday, July 7 on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, the Kremlin announced on Tuesday.

Trump Hopes To Quietly Steal Putin's Natgas Business In Europe

Trump will use fast-growing supplies of U.S. natural gas as a political tool when he meets in Warsaw on Thursday with leaders of a dozen countries that are captive to Russia for their energy needs. The US presidnet will tell the group that Washington wants to help allies by making it easy for U.S. companies to ship more LNG to central and eastern Europe.

US Oil Rig Count Drops For First Time In 24 Weeks As Trump Unveils US-Mexico Petroleum Pipeline

Last week saw US crude production decline by the most since Aug 2016 (perhaps affected by 'Cindy') and given the lagged response to WTI prices, many expected the oil rig count to drop this week. As WTI heads for its 7th up-day in a row - the longest streak in 6 months - it is supported as the US oil rig count dropped 2 to 756, the first drop in almost 6 months.

We Live In Peaceful Times... No Seriously

Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, the Islamic State, Yemen, Libya, Boko Haram – the world seems to be steeped in violence these days. Pretty much everywhere, you can hear and read the phrase, "This is as bad as it gets." However, a look at recent death tolls shows that this world has never been a more peaceful place than during the first decade of the new millennium.

The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize

"In December of 2015, 230,000 people in Western Ukraine lost power after 30 substations were mysteriously shut off. Contrary to what most people assumed at the time, this wasn’t an innocuous power outage. A computer security company found that the malware that was used to take down the grid is far more dangerous and easier to use than anyone realized before."

Putin Accuses "Foreign Spy Agencies" Of Supporting Terrorism To Destabilize Russia

“In general, the growing activity of foreign special services against us and our allies is obvious,” Putin said during the televised speech in Moscow on Wednesday, without specifying which nations he was referring to. “There are operations to influence the domestic political and social processes in our country.”

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