JPMorgan, Citi Just Boosted Their Loan Loss Reserves By The Most In 4 Years

JPMorgan and Citigroup just boosted their consumer-loan loss reserves by the most in four years. Both lenders set aside money in the third quarter because they expected write-offs for credit-card lending to climb in periods ahead, with Citigroup saying "the increase is coming faster than it had anticipated."

Global Stocks Hit New Record High, Dollar Mixed After Dovish Fed

In a trend observed every day this week, S&P futures are slightly in the red ahead of a post-open ramp with the VIX rising to 9.91, as Asian shares climb, European stocks are little changed. WTI crude pares recent gains, slipping below $51 after API showed an unexpected crude build.

US Job Openings Pull Back From All Time High

After two consecutive months of record high job openings, today's JOLTS report - Janet Yellen's favorite labor market indicator - showed a modest pullback across most categories, with the total number of job openings falling in august from 6.140MM to 6.082MM, below the 6.125MM consensus estimate.

Trader: The Dollar Bounce Is Unlikely To Be Over Yet

Investors have become so used to low volatility they are starting to over-interpret every little move in asset prices. The two latest examples are traders concluding there’s no contagion from Turkey’s problems just as they begin, and dollar bears heralding the resumption of the long-term downtrend when the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index is only 0.6% from its 12-week high.

Science Tells Us This Is All True

"...it's a pretty slippery slope. If we judge everyone throughout history based on our values today, we’ll never stop tearing down monuments..."

Global Markets Bounce As Germany, China, Spain Lift World Stocks, Turkey Crash Ignored

S&P futures rebounded and edged higher as European stocks gain, led by Spanish shares after mass demonstrations in favor of Spanish unity and speculation Catalonia may back down on unilateral independence demands, while Chinese mainland stocks reopened catching up to gains missed during the holiday week following last weekend's RRR cut.

Eric Peters: "If Everyone Carried An S-400 To Work And Church, The World Would Be A Safer Place"

"Naturally, if everyone carried an S-400 to elementary school, work, church and nightclubs, the world would be a safer place. Sadly, at $2.5bln, they’re out of reach for most. But not the Saudis, who paid $15bln for 44 American THAAD launchers while simultaneously purchasing Russia’s S-400 system. With two eager sellers, missile shield prices aren’t running away..."