US Adds 235,000 Jobs In February, Beating Expectations But Earnings Disappoint

The US economy added 235,000 jobs in February, beating upward revised expectations of 200K, in-line with whisper exepctations of 233K. Last month's report was upward revised from 227K to 238K with the net addition for the past two months coming to +9K. The bottom line: the number is good enough for the Fed to hike next Wednesday.

S&P Futures, Global Stocks Jump Ahead Of US Payrolls As Global Bond Rout Continues

European and Asian shares rise along with a jump in S&P futures which are pointing to a solidly green open on US payrolls day. The dollar, trading somewhat weaker against the euro was stronger against the yen, and was on track for its firth week of gains, while the rout in global Treasuries continued following a Mario Draghi conference that was interpreted as more hawkish than expected.

"It Can Only Disappoint" - What Wall Street Expects From Today's Jobs Report

If wages disappoint for the second month in a row, then markets may begin to ease back their hiking expectations for the rest of the year. For markets to price out a rate hike in March, wage growth would probably need to slow markedly and the headline NFP number to fall well below 100K.

'Dovish' Draghi Explains Why 'Good' European News Won't Stop Him - ECB Press Conference Live Feed

Leaving rates unchanged (no surprise) and maintaining his dovish forward guidance, Mario Draghi has a tough job this morning to paint a picture of a European economy with "downside risks" which means he has to keep buying everything while every asset-gatherer in the world is crowing of Europe's comeback (rising growth, surging inflation, falling unemployment). We are sure the ex-Goldman partner will find a way to justify "lower for longer."

What The Hell Is Going On? - Part 2

"Desperate households across the land aren’t clinging to guns and bibles. They’re clinging to credit cards as their only lifeline in this failing empire of debt, deception, and delusion. "

What The Hell Is Going On?

"The dissonance between what I have been observing and what is being flogged by the establishment mouthpieces in the corporate mainstream media has never been greater. I’m 53 years old. The older I get the less sure I am about things I was sure about when I was 25 years old... I find it exhausting. We’re lost in a blizzard of lies."

Jeff Gundlach's Latest Webcast "The Byrds": Live Updates

Having taken a one month break since his latest February webcast, the time has come for DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach to take the microphone again for his latest address to his investors (and everyone else) - titled this time "The Byrds", and hopefully provide some insight into this increasingly more confusing market.

Valuation (Alone) Doesn't Matter

It could well be that US investors are taking to heart the words of Oscar Wilde: “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” US stock markets clearly do not have that problem at the moment.

Pepsi Lays Off 20% Of Its Philadelphia Workers, Blames Soda Tax

With sales slumping because of the new Philadelphia sweetened beverage tax, bottling giant Pepsi said it will fire 80 to 100 workers, or about 20% of its total employees in the city. The layoffs come in response to the beverage tax, which has cut sales by 40% in the city.

Key Events In The Coming Week: All Eyes On Payrolls

The key economic release this week is the employment report on Friday, which as Janet Yellen noted in her speech on Friday, is the only economic event (together perhaps with the CPI report on April 15), that could potentially derail a now practically guaranteed rate hike.