United Kingdom

S&P: United States Safe... In Near Term

The good news:

Currently, 17 of the 124 sovereigns we rate have 'AAA' long-term ratings and stable outlooks. These include close G7 peers, such as Canada, France, and Germany.

We believe the U.S.'s key credit strengths include:

-- A high-income, highly diversified economy, with unusually flexible labor and product markets.

"Sell Everything: Focus On Stocks And Bonds... Don't Forget Dollars... Oh Yeah, Buy Gold"

Not only is the stock market getting hammered, but 10 Years today, and especially in the last 20 minutes have gotten the biggest beat down in months. Only the dollar is barely holding on to the green, and that is just because people are shocked, SHOCKED, that the UK may not actually be a AAA-rated credit. And the 2s10s.... fugghedaboutit - everyone is piling in short durations.

S&P: U.K.Outlook Revised To Negative

The sovereign downgrade monster is back on the rampage. Earlier today, S&P fired a blank shell straight at the heart of the usurper formerly known as the developed world, when it put UK's credit outlook on negative. The premise: debt/GDP will soon pass 100%. In that case the US should be afraid, very afraid with some estimates for the comparable ratio in the United Printing Presses of America at over 370% (including the kitchen sink).