The Scariest Charts In The World

"...any horror movie fan will tell you that the scariest part of a horror film happens when things are relatively calm..."

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The UK economy is facing an unprecedented slow recovery, with growing levels of debt across the country and an ever-complicated divorce from the EU. The outlook for savers and investors is bleak as few have confidence left in the health of British finances. 

Minsky Cycle 2017: Where Are We Now

8 years into a global upswings and 9 years into extraordinarily easy money, it is hard to find assets that fit into the healthy expansion phase. It is easier to pick assets that fit under ‘Euphoria and over trading’ or seem to have recently passed that stage.

China PMIs Disappoint, Tumble In October

China manufacturing PMI tumbled from 5-year highs in October as officials increasingly prioritize a campaign to clamp down on polluting industries and rein in debt. Non-manufacturing took an even bigger hit, also disappointing expectations, as the lagged impact of China's deteriorating credit impulse begins to weigh...

What Will Stocks Do Under A New Fed Chair?

"Just as a new President brings uncertainty, a new Fed chair can do the same. In fact, going clear back to Charles Hamlin (the first Fed chair) in 1914 and his 14 successors, the Dow is down on average six months after a new chair..."

Bitcoin, Blockchain, And Bank Of America

"The growing pile of public debt in the US is why price stability will never be part of the mix... and is why dollar-alternatives like bitcoin, imperfect and even fraudulent as they may be, will continue to capture the attention of those seeking to escape the economic tyranny of fiat paper money..."

Sprint, T-Mobile Plunge On Report SoftBank Calling Off Merger; Rebound After CNBC Denies

Sprint stock plunged, and was halted by the exchange volatility trigger, when the Nikkei reported moments ago that Japan's SoftBank Group plans to break off negotiations on the long-awaited merger between its subsidiary Sprint and T-Mobile US due to a failure to agree on ownership of the combined entity, "dashing the Japanese technology giant's hopes of reshaping the American wireless business."

Is It Finally Time To Buy Stock Market Vol?

"The boat still is extremely crowded, and there is no way I could bring myself to chase the robots, the Nasdaq, or any stock market up here into this euphoria..."