Here's The Real Reason The Fed Is Making Absurd Monetary Decisions

"There have always been lags between the time of a policy shift and evidence of that shift in the broader economy. However, in a heavily indebted economy, with the velocity of money likely falling further, and policy rates close to the zero bound, the Fed’s current capabilities are decidedly asymmetric."

13 Truths About How Money Really Works

"It is easy to get sucked into the “hype” particularly at the latest stages of a rampant bull market advance. We all want to be able to under-save today for tomorrow’s needs by hoping the markets will make up the difference. This is the same bit of logic every major pension fund in America has utilized for the last 25-years and are now facing the underfunded consequences..."

Bitcoin Is Rallying As 'Fork'-Day Arrives

With only a few hours remaining before the widely-expected Bitcoin network’s SegWit activation and its anticipated fork, there is a bifurcation in the crytpo-world with Bitcoin higher (up 5%) and the rest of the major virtual currencies lower (down 4%). For now, crypto markets seem relatively calm and stable ahead of what was feared to be an extreme volatility moment.

JPM Develops A.I. Robot To Execute High Speed Trades, Put Humans Out Of Work

JPMorgan will soon be using a "first-of-its-kind robot" to do away with carbon-based traders altogether and execute trades across its global equities algorithms business using a "robot" after a recent trial of JPM's new artificial intelligence (AI) programme showed it was "much more efficient than traditional methods of buying and selling", the FT reports.

Global Stocks Rise On "Growth Optimism", Ignore Political Turmoil; Dollar, Oil Creep Higher

S&P futures rose 0.1% on the last trading day of the month, trailing European and Asian markets boosted by China's July Mfg. PMI, which despite declining from from 51.7 to 51.4, and missing expecations  of 51.5, saw the construction index rise to its highest level since December 13, sending Chinese iron ore futures surging and the European commodity sector broadly higher.

JPM: "Investors Are Starting To Hedge Against A Crash"

"Rising VIX ETF exposures are likely reflective of skepticism by retail investors, who are the main users of VIX ETFs, and who see the current combination of record low equity market volatility and record high equity  prices as rather unsustainable."